Tarte emphasEYES high definition eye pencil

A fair share of what I write about on this site has been gifted to me. Contrary to popular belief I don’t have an endless beauty product budget but I do know some people, who know other people… kidding! But yesterday, I felt the need to step into the big, bright realm of the cosmetics store also known as heaven, and part with $18. I had read a blurb on Tarte’s new emphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil in a few places online over the past few days and decided to give it a go.

I purchased Tarte emphasEYES high definition eye pencil in black. It’s funny as we were just talking the other day about eyeliner. Anywhoo… I raced home, tore open the box and lined my inner rim with it. Whew! That was easy. Now, could I make a thin straight line across my upper lash line with it too? Because we all know I am 1 part klutz, 1 part human. I did it! There was success involved here people!

I credit that it is such a slim pencil to begin with, and then it’s even more skinny as you get towards the tip. I like that. It’s easy to grip and maneuver. I’m always trying to do all these thin things with thick pencils and the architecture is just never quite right. Problem just solved. It’s one that you twist up, so yay! No dang sharpening this baby and breaking tips off involved. I can’t speak for sure about it’s staying power yet– although I did take a nap with it on and when I woke up I looked like I had those model-esque bedroom black eyeliner eyes. My husband came home and told me it looked sexy. That was worth $18 itself.

A few other things I like about it: mineral pigments, aloe leaf extract, vitamins A&E, and palm oil. Paraben free, preservative free, mineral oil free, phthalate free, and dermatologist tested.

It comes in chocolate, plum, green, and of course, black. I pray that a little someone will think of me and get me the other colors because I really need them like I need a hole in my head.

  • Sullen1

    Think I might have to give this one a try!