Benefit B Spot Perfume… yes, you read that right.

Earlier this morning I was making a return at the mall.  (No, I swear it was just a return!)  I walked past the Benefit counter and spied the new fragrance by Benefit, called Benefit B Spot.  This is the second time I’ve come into contact with it, earlier this month I tried it on one of those fancy little paper strips they provide and I thought “That would be something different for me to wear.  I don’t have anything like that.”

It’s always better to actually wear it before you buy it.  It’s gonna change and it smells different on everyone once it blends with our pheromones.

Check out these notes: mango, peony, freesia, amber, sandalwood and more.  Like watermelon and all that good stuff.  As I initially put it on I found it really floral.  When I smell mainly floral scents all I can think of is when I asked for a bottle of tea rose perfume in the 80’s.  I wore that stuff proudly without realizing I smelled like a funeral parlor.  I’m glad that was just a phase and let’s blame it on youth.  Oh! Back to the B Spot.  I almost regretted spraying it on my wrist.  I waited a few minutes and held my arm up to my nose on the escalator to the parking lot and I’m sure the people going in the opposite direction thought I was just in love with myself with the amount of smelling that was going on.  I swear on the back end of it I can smell some black licorice but maybe that’s just the mixture of the musks.  It’s a few hours later now and it’s just okay.  There’s nothing super special about it.  I’m going back to wearing my usual soapy scents tomorrow.  This one just has too much freesia and peony for me personally.  That’s okay though because if you like those scents this may be the fragrance for you.

The bottle is super cute and it retails for $38.  I wish it worked out for me because that’s a great price and a cute new bottle for my vanity would be a welcome addition to what’s there.  Your nose will know.

  • LisaMcC

    I was wearing Benefit’s “Maybe Baby” for a good long stretch. I had to take a break from it (although that hasn’t stopped me from sporting other fruity fragrances like YSL “Baby Doll)”. The “just okay” at the back end sounds about right, though. In hindsight, there was nothing all that spectacular about “Maybe Baby” after the drydown.

    I would die if they stopped making the Dandelion blush, though.