My choices from self-tanning hell!

Let’s face it.  It’s hard to get it right, and I’m talking about self-tanning.  Unless you can afford to have the girls from Sunset Tan come out to airbrush you in your backyard, you’re on your own sister.  Remember when tanning was reserved for Spring Break and the summer months and we would look forward to it with glee?  Like the old-school way, baking in the sun for hours with baby oil?  We’re all much wiser now and most people self-tan year round.

There are SO many to use and a majority of them are just horrible.  They streak no matter what you do, make the tops of your feet look like you have a rare skin disease that doesn’t even exist, or they stink to high heavens.  I’ll try to help you from hell.

Finally, one I really, really like and have nothing poor to say about.  It took some convincing from the girls to buy this and I am so glad that I did.  The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Everyday Summer Body Lotion helped me redeem my pasty self.  It’s a gradual that I use every night on my legs and I’m going to do the rest of my body now that I know I can trust it not to streak, be orange, or smell terribly.

I like that it’s a lotion consistency and not thick at all which makes it easy to distribute evenly.  Now, it does have a little of the self-tanner scent, but to be honest, I smell more cocoa butter than the DHA scent.  After just two nights, I had a nice color and am building it up.  It does not rub off on my bedding or towels and that’s nice as well. 


Next up to bat is Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer.  This was the best one I found in the drugstore of all of them I’ve tried.  But unfortunately it’s not without fault!  It does layer up a nice color.  If you put it on in the morning, it has a little light deflecting shimmer that’s nice for the day.  Eventhough Jergens has worked really hard to improve the fragrance, I still find it a tad bit icky– they tried to make it perfumey.  I continued to use it because it was the better of the evils.  Another problem is that it wiped off on my towels.  It was easily washed out– but still.  If you need a drugstore price and don’t mind some of the negatives, it’s a good choice.



Now that we’ve talked about two gradual tanners, let’s talk about the one-stop-shop where you get all your bang in a few hours.

The Model Co. Self Tanning Glove is awesome.  First, the application method is fool proof.  It’s like tanning for dummies.  It’s a glove that’s pre-moistened with the solution and one glove is good for the whole body.  The tan lasts about 5 days and there are four gloves in the box.  A box should get you by about a month.

I like them and would rely on them when I need a full-on tan in a few hours.  It doesn’t smell overwhelming while developing like some others and I think it’s better than the Tan Towels I was using before.  Hope this helps!