New goodies to try!

Well hello there fellow glamourous gals!  I found some goodies I can’t wait to try.  First up is Problem Salved by Bliss.  Oh my goodness, it claims to do 20 things!  Could you imagine?  One thing in your make-up bag to do 20 things?

Product description from Bliss:

What it is: A 20-in-one wonder balm.  What it is formulated to do: Bliss Problem Salved is a one-stick quick fix for chapping, chafing, blister prevention, post-peel or wax woes, craggy cuticles, unruly eyebrows, flyaways, and minor makeup mishaps. What else you need to know: It’s airport-friendly and a must-have for every gal’s purse.

Pretty awesome, dontcha think?  It also has tea tree oil, olive oil, and mango seed butter in it… it really is a miracle salve.

From one miracle remedy to another.  I have been begging for something like this to come out for a long, long time!  A daytime blemish treatment moisturizer with SPF!!! Yay!  This may solve a lot of problems for many, Cosmedicine Speedy Recovery Acne Treatment with SPF 15.

What it is formulated to do:
Cosmedicine Speedy Recovery Acne Treatment Daytime Blemish Lotion not only works all day to fight breakouts and eliminate acne symptoms, it actually leaves your skin in better condition than it was before the acne started. It exfoliates excess oils and debris and, by unclogging congested pores, allows the treatment to deeply penetrate the skin. It also neutralizes bacteria to help eliminate future breakouts and blackheads.

I’m looking forward to new innovations everyday just like you.  These 2 products are pretty darn cool.  If you try them, let me know!