Crest Healthy Radiance White Strips Review

I have a confession to make.  I am a major coffee addict.  I know that I drink too much and I need to scale back and start drinking tea instead so at least I will get some kind of benefit from my need to have my hands around a hot mug in the morning.  As a result, my teeth are not as bright or white as I would like them to be.  About 7 years ago, I had Zoom whitening that was very successful.  My teeth were so white it was almost unbelievable.  But it didn’t come without cost.  It was not only expensive, but the sensitivity I experienced for several days afterwards almost made it not worth the expense and was extremely painful.

I have had slight success in the at-home whitening department with the GoSmile B1 formula in the past, yet I’ve never been 100% satisfied with any at-home kit.  For the past 4 weeks I have been using the Crest Healthy Radiance Deep Clean Strips on my teeth.  They are a little more convenient for a few reasons but the main one being they don’t require a huge time investment on a daily basis.  Instead, these are used on a weekly basis for 4 weeks at a time for 30 minutes each session.

This week was my 4th week and I’m happy with the results.  My teeth are noticably whiter and brighter but still not that professional white that I long for.  Now, I don’t want my teeth to be too bright but I think they could stand to be brighter.  What I don’t want is this:

With the new Crest strips I didn’t get that.  You are supposed to use them in combination with the accompanying toothpaste, unfortunately I didn’t get that far.  The strips are Saran Wrap thin and they cling to your teeth with the hydrogen peroxide gel.  A few times I got the gel on my fingers and it bubbled and tingled a little but no harm was done.  It was however, difficult to keep the lower strip in place.  It seemed like it kept wanting to creep up towards my top teeth.  I managed to stop it by carefully re-positioning it.  These were easy to use and they are affordable.  There was no sensitivity that I experienced and I would use them again because of that.  While they did lighten my stains, at-home strips unfortunately are no replacement for the real thing!  Grrr! 


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  • cat

    You have them upside down! The top strip is the longer one.

  • Amber

    Thanks, Cat! :)

  • oops

    nope, not upside down… look at the package!