Are You A Juicy Couture Girl At Any Cost?

Any Juicy Couture girlies out there? I just know there are!  You can’t fool me!  For you gals that just can never be Juicy enough, Sephora has teamed up with them and created a pricey little accessory collection for you gals that crave more.

Does anyone really NEED a Juicy Loves Sephora pave lip gloss ring?  No?  I didn’t think so.  I don’t really want one, but I know there is definitely a market for this line and it’s going to do extremely well for them.  What do you think about a $68 little jewel like this?

It’s cute and all, but really Juicy?  I could think of a few other things you could adorn yourself with for $68 that aren’t little pots of lip gloss.  Don’t get me wrong!  It’s cute!  But come on.

From Sephora:

Fall in love with the Juicy Loves Sephora PavéLip Gloss Heart Ring. This precious gold accessory will win you over with its sweet, sparkling heart that is faceted with pink crystals that shine with feminine allure. But there is beauty inside and out with this essential accessory—a hinge opening reveals a tiny pot of light pink lip gloss, a built-in mirror, and a little love note to you, dearest and fairest!

And now, for the piece de resistance… the Juicy Loves Sephora Train Case.  Take a second and I want you to guess how much this little bad boy is.  Higher, now guess again.  $348.  WHAT?!? 

From Sephora:

The Juicy Loves Sephora Train Case is the perfectly pretty and sturdy organizer to hold all of your beauty treasures, at home or on the go. Chocolate trim and gold accents and latch set off the sweetness of this must-have’s pink striped exterior, and lock up the case with a shiny touch of class. The iconic Juicy Scottie dogs and crest mark the side of this beauty master-case with the magic of the luxurious feminine fashion empire. If that’s not enough you’re sure to fall in love with the spacious, pink quilt-lined interior that completes the inner beauty of the most marvelous makeup case in all the land.

Now, a little bit more my speed is the Juicy Loves Sephora Brush Set.  I don’t quite think the types and sizes of these brushes warrants a $78 price tag but at the same time I will say that it is no where near as exorbitant as the train case. 

From Sephora:

This double-compartment case leaves plenty of pocket room for her highness’ prettiest essentials, and houses four castle-quality brushes: an angled brush for precision, a fluffy eyeshadow brush, a fabulous foundation brush, and a feathery-soft brush for light finishing touches. A sweet heart-shaped mirror makes touch ups beautifully simple, and the whole expert collection zips up in Juicy style to take on any royally fashionable foray.

I think they are literally banking on the fact that Juicy lovers will pay for anything with their name on it.  And why not?  Everyone has their fave line and will sport it at any cost.  When I saw the train case I was in shock.  I’m probably overreacting, I realize– but tell me what you think.  Would you buy anything in this line?  I have a feeling it will be on a few wish lists this year and under more than just a few trees.


  • Nur

    I may not me a Juicy fan… but… Those are really really PRETTY!! I like!

  • HomeSpaGoddess

    When I saw these I just rolled my eyes. Are they serious? These prices are so insane…

  • MissWhoeverYouAre

    I’m a hardcore Juicy Couture lover! The price is a bit steep but if people have the money then why not? Its like the YSL lipgloss keychain that cost $75 (or was it Missoni?..w/e) why do we need it…we don’t but they’re beautiful and practical and fun!

  • JuicyCoutureLover#1

    I am a hardcore Juicy absessed person if i see something Juicy i buy it no question even if i dont like it so far i have 200 Juicy items!!! And i am going to get a ton more!!

  • JuicyCoutureLover#1

    And since i only wear Juicy its all good i went shopping yesterday and got 20 things. and i am waiting for my driver to pick me up so i can get more!!!Then my mom comes home and brings me all sorts of Juicy things.

  • Caitlin

    I looooove Juicy!! I want these items I looove love them too cute! I don’t care about the money if I really want something I get it! 😀

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  • Angela

    Unfortunately, I bought the brush bag. I say this because it was my first set of brushes and they’re not that great. I have no idea what to use the fluffy white feathery brush for. The bag is cute though. Thankfully, I didn’t pay full price for this.

  • SuperJuicyCoutureloverextra*1

    I adore juicy i have all the tracksuits I even have an online account on and e-mail updates my dad is going to america so he is buying me about 7 e-mails that all contain juicy couture things and no text on it and the e-mail still wouldn’t fit on the page!!!

  • Lisa

    I would get it if it was really marked down. I got a juicy nightshirt from Bloomingdales but it was marked all the way down to $14 and is soft and cute. But other than that, it’s a sad society out there. I totally agree with you. It’s sad how people care more about being looked at than about how much money they are pissing away. I mean, really. I can use $348 for a 2 month supply of quality groceries to feed my family, or I can just blow it all on some stupid train case that you can find very similar and just as cute at walmart for $16!

    Pathetic isn’t it..?

  • Amber

    I wouldn’t say pathetic…but some people have different priorities than others. I usually only buy super expensive items when they are marked down as well.