REVIEW: Carol’s Daughter Pearls Eau De Toilette

When I think of Carol’s Daughter products, I think of warmth and joy. Lisa Price, the founder of Carol’s Daughter, is as passionate about her fragrances and skincare as she is about her family. You can tell she loves them both very much as the stories behind them are filled will love and passion.

Already having a large cult following for her previous fragrances like Ocean, Almond Cookie, Mango Melange, and Jamaican Punch, Lisa sought out to add a sophisticated, fine fragrance to the line.  With that, came the inception of Carol’s Daughter Pearls

Isn’t that bottle amazing?  It’s so elegant, delicate, and refined.  The presentation is beautiful, but what about the fragrance?  At first spritz, it’s a crisp mix of bergamot, verbena, lemon, and apricot.  (There are more top notes however those are the ones my nose picked up right away.)  A few seconds later I was treated to a little mix of florals where I predominantly noted jasmine and rose.  On the dry down I enjoyed the warm notes of caramel and vanilla.  This is really just a treat for your senses.  I view this as a soft, feminine fragrance– I did not find it to be too potent or overwhelming whatsoever.  At only $45 for 2.5oz, it doesn’t hurt the wallet too much.  I think you should take a whiff of it the first chance that you have at a Carol’s Daughter boutique, Dilliard’s, Macy’s, or Sephora store near you!  Loves it!

  • Kathryn

    Hmmm. I’m not sure how I feel about the bottle. It looks like a cheap, second class grandma perfume you might find at Kohls.