REVIEW: JK Jemma Kidd i-design, i-conic eyes, & ultra plush mascara

Over the summer I was perusing through the cosmetics section as I usually do on my many trips to Target, and a hot pink endcap caught my eye.  With lots of colorful testers laid out before me, JK Jemma Kid for Target was a new brand at the time and the products were already GONE!  A mental note was made: check this out again SOON because this stuff is selling fast.

Fast forward to months later, and my Target still has minimal stock in the line available.  I’m going to assume that the demand can’t be kept up with, or their cosmetics buyer needs to start drinking more coffee and pick up the pace.  A few of the things I wanted to try have been absent every time I visit.  Happily, I was still able to get a taste.

The i-design eye shadows textures are soft, but rich in pigment.  Backstage makes a great liner or crease color for an intense smoky eye, while Vintage looks more muted and less gold in it’s case than it actually applies.  I love how the shadows are actually embossed with the logo, it’s a nice touch!

Absolutely my fave thing was the i-conic eyes pencil liner in Centre Fold.  The color reminds me of Urban Decay’s Baked 24/7 pencil.  It was just as smooth as well with no skipping or tugging.  While not waterproof, it is a long-wearing pencil with a built-in sharpener in the cap which is pretty handy.  I’m loving this.

Being the mascara fiend that I am, I also tested the ultra plush mascara in Show Brown.    I usually only wear black mascara, so this was different for me.  It didn’t appear as light as I had feared and that was great– but I think this will be best for gals with lighter hair color than mine.  The texture wasn’t thick or clumpy and the brush made for a very clean application.  I would definitely consider adding this one to my arsenal of lashes, only in black.

I am impressed with Target’s entry into the more prestigious cosmetic brands realm and wish my local store could get it’s quantities right.  Jemma also has other products available, you can check out the shades here and find retailers who stock the core line.  I’m always happy when quality products are made more readily available into our hands without trekking far from home.

  • Colleen

    I am a color fiend and almost cried when I saw the palatte of liquid eyeliner colors – I am just DYING to try the Covert (bright turquoise) and Drama (intense violet). But they’re always sold out! So, I feel your pain…I’ve been trying to get my hands on one (or both) of these since summer, but no luck!

  • Chrisy Ellenburg

    I actually was very impressed last time I went to target and saw this line. This line offered many colors, and when I tryed the colors out on my hand to test them I was very impressed. Im a makeup artist so I love geting my hands on new products and testing them out, this one seems worth trying.

  • Hollie

    I tried this liquid liner on the back of my hand. The NEXT DAY it finally came off, and this was after lots of hand washing. It is definitely waterproof and the colors are rich and intense- LOVE!