REVIEW: Aqua Tan Self Tanning Milk

I am afraid of self-tanner.  There are a few reasons, and they have to do with the fact that I have zero room for error because of the drastic contrast they make against my pale skin, and that so many of them are an unflattering orange-ish shade once they develop.  I can’t do the Lindsay-orange-Lohan look very well, but believe me I have.  I’ve only found a few that suit my skin tone so when I find one I hang on to it for dear life.  That’s the reason I’ve hung on to Bare Escentuals Faux Tan for so long.

I came across Aqua Tan, and they have line of self-tanning products that contain Lourdes sacred spring water– I can honestly say I’ve come across a new beauty “first”.  I’ve never seen that before.  With cucumber extract, avocado & kukui oils, green tea, and several other skin-soothing and protecting ingredients, I found it to be hydrating.  It also lacked that offensive scent often associated with self-tanners.  Don’t get me wrong, if you concentrate hard enough you’re going to smell it– it’s just nowhere near as bad as so many of them on the market.  I’m always so afraid to go into a full-fledged leg application when I try a new one, so I patch test on the inside of my arm.  But as you can see here, I took a big risk!  I had some faith so I applied it to almost my entire left arm.  Don’t laugh.  I’m the one who has to walk around like this while it’s fading!  Before and after, behold:

You can’t ever say I don’t put these things through tests!  With one application, a believable color developed in about 4 hours.  It wasn’t so far out there that it was screaming FAKE TAN!  I applied it again on the second day to deepen it to see just how dark it would get and find out if it would stay bronze.  I was really happy with the results, I’m not used to seeing my skin with a tan as you can already tell.  Aqua Tan is approved for a full use!  Right now, the color is fading away evenly a few days later.  It was nice to get a bronze color with just one use that wasn’t too far too fast.  It’s a well known fact that exfoliation and hydration are super important in ensuring a successful self-tan so the Gentle Purifying Gelee and Sensual Tan Extender from Aqua Tan are going to come in handy for my next adventure.  This will shake off some of those winter blues for sure. We don’t have to wait for summer to get our bronze on!