REVIEW: Revolution Organics

Revolution Organics brings us 3 great multi-tasking products that lighten our load and perform at the same time.  Containing food-grade USDA Certified Organic ingredients, choose from multi-purpose treatments like the All Over Skin Creme, Lip Balm, and the All-Over Body Balm that has over 22 uses!  I’m having fun coming up with 22 ways to use the All-Over Body Balm and so far I’ve used it on dry elbows and cuticles, tamed my flyaways, put it on my lips, tamed my brows, and smoothed it on my heels.  To me, it’s already worth it’s weight in gold.

I love how compact the All-Over Body Balm is since it does so much and it’s small enough to fly with, and the fact that the All-Over Skin Creme is safe for head-to-toe, even your face!  The Lip Balm, rich in palm and olive oils with a natural citrus and apricot flavor, just melts into my lips!  Gentle, effective, and 100% natural, you can find Revolution Organics online at