REVIEW: Tarte Spring Greening Palette & A Perfect Whirled Cheek Stain

The term “Spring Greening” is probably causing much excitement to my fellow Beauty Junkies who are trapped under blankets of snow right now.  Please don’t hate me for living in a part of the country that experiences (mostly) pleasant weather!  I’m looking forward to Spring arriving just as much as you are, and I’m excited about all of these Spring makeup palettes that are popping up all over the place.  Tarte is bestowing little bits of candy kissed colors to us with their Spring Greening Reusable Palette.  I adore this little thing!  The reusable straw case is so cute, the sateen interior is nice and tidy which makes for wiping off little smudges of shadow easy on the inside, and the colors are fab!

With a bamboo brush that’s fully functional (no Barbie-sized brush here), 6 eyeshadows, and 3 lip glosses this is a great buy for $38.50.  The lavender shadow kind of reminds me of the new OPI shade, Done Out in Deco from the South Beach Collection.  It’s gorgeous!  The lip glosses taste yummy and as you can see they are full of shimmer and shine.  They’re also a small enough size to tuck in a pocket when you go out.  Now, for something so sweet, A Perfect Whirled Cheek Stain

Is this not the cutest cheek stain you’ve ever seen?  It contains the famous Tarte t5 fruit complex with goji, acai, pomegranate, acerola, and maracuja, so it’s hydrating and protective with those anti-oxidants.  With a little shimmer and a whole lotta pink, this makes my cheeks come alive!  I’m so, so happy with Spring so far from Tarte.  What’s your fave Tarte item?