Currently Loving: Shampowder Hair Powder

I haven’t had much luck in the hair powder department, I’d actually rather just stick to aerosol dry shampoos like Ojon’s Rub Out Dry Cleanser.  When I think of the reason why I don’t care much for hair powders as a dry shampoo, all I think of is the messy application.  It’s the whole bottle-tip nozzle thing that drives me nuts and the ones I’ve tried come out in a poof of dust like baby powder.  But take that hair powder and put it into a shaker-type brush, and I might reconsider my dislike for a dry shampoo that’s not an aerosol spray.  Shampowder by Buttercream Cosmetics is one such invention!

The short brush makes it really easy to dust my roots and absorb all of that excess oil I have with my second-day hairdo.  Shampowder comes in 3 colors: black hair, dark & red hair, and light hair.  This is a great alternative for me because I’m sometimes stuck with a white powdery residue on my dark roots from the sprays I use.  The black hair powder completely eliminates that issue.  It’s got a light vanilla scent to help mask any odors and adds a little bit of volume too!  While I don’t think I’ll ever completely give up my spray dry shampoos, this is now an alternative for me. The ease of use, the color, and how compact it is makes me love it. The brush is pre-filled and you just dab it wherever you need it– and wah-lah!  Oil slicked roots be gone!

  • Ann

    I’ve found that hair powders (the loose kind) work much better if you first put a small amount into your hands and spread it around, then flip your head over and rub it into your roots. This way you use less, and it makes the bottle tip nozzle a non issue. This technique works better for me than aersol sprays…less noticeable white residue. I will definatley be chacking out the Shampowder.

  • Amber

    Hey Ann! Thanks for your tip– I’m going to try that next time… I guess I never really thought about that! Good point.

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  • 1955nurse

    I also love the Ojon stuff, but this looks like an alternative…..

  • Amber

    I love the Ojon too!

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