Currently Loving: REN Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm & Wild Yam Body Repair Cream

I’m so fanatical about exfoliating my face that I often forget about my body.  My poor legs and arms are crying out “What about me?”  Instead of listening to them whine, I have to appease them.  Why exfoliate your body?  It’s the first step to achieving baby soft skin, and it’s essential to the overall health and tone of the skin.  As a rule of thumb– I usually do the full-body exfo routine once a week, but lately I’ve slacked off because I feel like I am in such a rush.  I haven’t been taking much time for me recently and that’s got to stop.  The chances are, you aren’t either as these are trying times.

It is now completely my pleasure to take a few extra minutes to exfoliate my body with REN Guerande Salt Body Balm.  I guess I can kinda say I’ve been to France now because of the sea salt from Brittany, France this contains.  Okay, so it’s not exactly taking me to France, but it brings France to me!  It smells so fresh!  Peppermint, basil, juniper, sweet almond, and olive oils are pampering my stressed cells and brightening my dull dermis.  It leaves my arms, legs, and chest glowing, smooth, and soft.  Once a week in the shower is all it takes.  Loves it.




With my first confession, also comes the fact that I haven’t even been taking the time to hydrate my body on a daily basis either.  My face gets all the love and it’s starting to show!  Yuck.  So I’ve paired up the scrub with REN’s Wild Yam Omega 7 Firming Body Repair Cream.  (I need all the firming I can get)  This does a lot more than just sit on top of the skin like so many body lotions.  It stimulates the collagen production in your skin and improves elasticity.  So it will help repair some of those uhh… “stress marks” as I like to call them.  For a hydrator with a pump, this comes out really creamy and rich but it penetrates quickly.  I don’t feel an excess layer sitting on top of my skin several minutes after application like I have with some others.  It truly smells like wild yams, and immediately made me think of Thanksgiving dinner.  I love sweet potatoes with cinnamon and butter, so naturally, I love the way this is scented too.  No worries, you’re not going to smell like yams all day because I don’t find that this interferes with my fragrances at all.  So I’ve got 2 good reasons to stay on the body exfo-hydration regime now.  Let’s see what I can do, I’ve got no excuses!

Do you regularly exfoliate?  What do you use?

  • Shauna

    I do, especially my upper arms because I have those little bumps. I do it every day! Not married to an exfoliant, but I’ve been using the Body Shop’s Grapefruit one, and it’s pretty good. I also use a loofah sponge on my butt! It’s true! haha