Out with the Jlo glow, in with the Lohan tan?

Will you be purchasing Lindsay Lohan’s self-tanner, Sevin Nyne?  Curious minds want to know…

(photo credit: Sevin Nyne)

  • http://oldergirlbeauty.blogspot.com Paula

    I am going to go with the polite answer – “no”.

  • Diesel

    Paula, I second that.

  • Diesel

    One other thing I wanted to mention; It is kind of silly to have a natural redhead endorse any tanning-related product. I am a natural redhead and we don’t tan. At all. So if I ever look remotely tan, it is a fake tan. And why would I want everybody to know I go fake tanning?

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com Amber

    I hate to say this, but she’s the celebrity I’ve seen the most self-tanning disasters on– on the red carpet. That was all I could think about… so that says it all.