What in the world? Did Stila go under while I was sleeping?

I love me some Stila.  My Mom and I are Stila Girls from way back when Stila was a very little-known brand and on the cutting edge.  At the time, Stila bridged the gap for a market that was saturated with MAC and Estee Lauder with nothing in between.   I think Stila set the mark for new brands taking shape!  Stila was a breath of fresh air in a stale cosmetics market when I bought my first Kitten eyeshadow.

I logged on to Stila’s site this morning and was greeted with a strange page:

Say what?  Fashionista is reporting that Stila may have gone bankrupt. If this is true, it’s too much bad news for me to bear.  Honestly.  It seems a little strange that the site states that any orders that were placed 3/23-3/24 may be cancelled as when that seems to be when things went awry according to numerous accounts.  This is a big shake-up in the beauty world.  Words like “bankruptcy” and “financial restructuring” are being tossed around.  But who really knows?  Discount hounds will be happy if this is indeed true, the warehouse sales are sure to be awesome.  But I’m not willing to kiss my dear friend Stila goodbye.  What do you think?  I think this is a sign of things to come, scary times indeed.  My wallet is on standby just in case I need to scoop up some Kitten shadow.

  • http://www.beautycollection.com Sarah Zylstra

    I believe this is only a rumor and you have nothing to worry about. Stila just launched in all three of our stores and online. They seem to be growing not shrinking.


  • http://nouveaucheap.blogspot.com Recessionista

    Waaah! I know, this is almost too much to process. You stock up on Kitten, I’ll stock up on Holly Golightly and we’ll hope for the best!

    PS: Jane Cosmetics just filed Chapter 11 :(

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com Amber

    Recessionista, I know! This is crazy!

    Sarah, the info I have received in the past few hours is that they are financially restructuring and will be back up and running soon. Whew.


  • http://twoliablog.com/daily-beauty-break/ Josi

    yeah, dosen’t Lauder own them now anyways? ditto on the kitten sister…

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com Amber

    Hey Josi,

    Kitten is AWESOME! I believe the company that owns them is Sun Capital, Lauder sold them in 2006 :(

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  • http://nancyti.blogspot.com Nancy

    Let’s band together and save our Stila!

    I’d surely die without convertible mascara and colour. Not to mention their powder and stick foundation.

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  • http://www.beautyiswithin.net Maria Palma

    I tend not to believe anything until I hear it from the CEO or president of the company! I’m sure they’re fine…Stila has way too many fans 😉