Make a fashion statement with Kim Kardashian, Carson Kressley, & Caress

How cute are Kim Kardashian and Carson Kressley together?  I wish they would come and pop out of my closet like my fairy God angels and makeover my wardrobe.  Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Carson and Kim are showing us how to flaunt our stuff, using our skin as our best accessory with the new Caress Skinwear Collection of body washes and beauty bars.  I’m super excited to try out my bottle of Evenly Gorgeous body wash and report back how I like it.  But I didn’t want to make you wait for that before I told you about Caress giving you a chance to win some AWESOME prizes.  How does a trip to NYC sound to have Carson make over your style?  Or, one of several weekly $100 gift cards?  You can count me in, I’d LOVE Carson to put me in my place!

Go check out the Caress Skinwear Collection and share your beauty and fashion secrets, check out Carson’s videos on the Style Hub, and enter to win all of the fab prizes!  I’m actually going back over there now to watch another video about charming up your wardrobe with prints!

  • 1955nurse

    I sure would love to win these prizes! I’m ever-hopeful, but don’t seem to see my name on any winners lists :{

  • Amber

    Hang in there nurse!