Too Faced Lip Bronzer Lip Gloss & Lockdown Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow swatches

Too Faced brings bronze to a whole new level with their new line of Lip Bronzers.  This trio of lip glosses are perfect to pair with your favorite way to get your glow on and keep your kisser as sexy as the rest of your golden bod!  Available in Pink Leopard, Snow Bunny, and Sun Bunny— you should be able to find a perfectly complimentary shade for your skin tone.  To sweeten the deal, they smell and taste like delicious whipped chocolate frosting, feel silky, and stay moist!  Try these pretties with the Bronzed & The Beautiful Bronzer Palette for a fool-proof color combo for face and lips.  Here’s a swatch of Pink Leopard:

Put your eyeshadow on the ultimate lockdown with Too Faced’s LockDown Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows that give all the staying power of their popular Shadow Insurance primer, and the colors you crave in a cream shadow.  Excellent as a primer before your favorite eyeshadow (workable for about 60 seconds before lockdown), and beautiful on their own!

Bondage — light brown
Dramarama — dark brown
I’m Guilty — aqua blue
Prisoner of Love — pink
Jailbait — light pink
Bedroom Eyes — medium brown

Here’s a swatch of Bondage:

  • Paula

    I just picked up Bondage and Prisoner of Love yesterday. I am afraid PoL might be a bit too pink, but I am going to give it a shot. I have been using TFSI, loving it, and so waiting for these to come out.

  • Amber

    Hey Paula,
    AWESOME! I LOVE Bondage (I know that sounded weird), but I haven’t tried POL. Is there any way to put a more beigey shadow over it to tone it down a little bit?