Review: CARGO LashActivator Mascara

CARGO’s newest mascara, LashActivator promotes the ultimate in lash health!  According to CARGO, LashActivator contains a peptide-biotin complex to slow lash loss which is a frequent issue of my own lashes.  While I haven’t used it for 30 days, it’s supposed to boost lash appearance with consecutive use.  It’s a very clean and thin formula, so it would make a great primer too.  It’s easy to work with and the flexible brush makes clumps a no-no!

While it may not be the answer for full-on glam lashes, it’s great to have for more fanned out and doe-eyed looks that don’t require loads of length and volume.  It does absolutely elongate my lashes and gives a clean and fresh look.  I love the versatility and having the option of priming my lashes with this before doing a more heavy-duty mascara while having the protective ingredients from the LashActivator nourish.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done a more natural lash so this is nice.