Currently Loving: ChapStick True Shimmer

I can remember when ChapStick came in regular and cherry, and what an innovation that was!  Flash forward to a time where lip balm choices are plenty and taken very seriously by lippie-addicts like me.  ChapStick has moved into new territory with their True Shimmer collection and they’re not just good– I thought the flavors I tried were DELICIOUS!

Currently available in Tropical and Botanical Berry, they comfort my lips and apply a soft and subtle shimmer.  Not too glittery or frosty which is why I tend to stay away from shimmery balms.  If you’re a more natural gal who doesn’t like to wear a lot of color, these are for you!  Or let’s say you’re like me and you just can’t make up your mind… these will likely be a welcome addition to your beauty stash.  There’s no real color involved, just yummy flavor and sheen which I found nice.  I remember the ChapStick of long ago feeling quite waxy on my lips but True Shimmers feel like the complete opposite, not waxy or sticky and they leave my lips soft and moisturized.  I had a sneak peek at 2 of the new flavors that will be available in August– Peppermint Rush & Blended Fruit Sherbet and they were equally as delish.  As a matter of fact, my fave is Blended Fruit Sherbet… soooo good!

  • Butterflydiary

    Agree! I love it too.