These aren’t your Mom’s Lee Press-On Nails!

Late last year, it took some serious convincing to try wearing glue-on nails.  I was traumatized by flashbacks from the 80’s and let’s just say that those were awkward times in my beauty product-filled life.  This trauma probably revolves around me liking some guy in junior high and wanting to look more “mature” so I put on Lee Press-On Nails because it was the cool thing to do– but I’m not going to pay for the therapy to get into that.

I’ve loved the more modern styles I’ve tried in the past few months from Revlon & Kiss that are french manicure shades but I recently tried one from Revlon Color Allure that I thought I should mention!  Painting my glued-on nails into another color has resulted in a big FAIL and they didn’t look so hot.  So luckily there are 6 shades to choose from in the Color Allure collection– I just wish there were more!  I tried a gorgeous vampy shade, Vintage Velvet (not pictured) that looks just like the image the name conjures up in your mind.  For summer I would opt more for Revlon Red but the dark wine color was very nice!  These look ultra believable, sometimes I think more believable than acrylics and you’re not married to them.  Just be sure to be patient while soaking and don’t tug at them and it will all turn out okay!  You don’t have to be traumatized by press-on nail flashbacks either, I promise!