Givenchy brings sexy back to men’s fragrance

I admit that lurking somewhere in our vast music library is a little Justin Timberlake.  Admissions like that don’t come easily from me, but this 30-something woman whose most frequently played songs list on iTunes looks more like a “best of” compilation from the 90’s likes her a little JT.  It kinda helps that he’s not hard to look at either!  But that’s just between us, m’kay?  I guess that’s going to make it so much easier for me to digest the new advertising campaign for Givenchy’s fragrances Play, and Play Intense for men when they hit this Fall, considering Timberlake will be the face of both.  Givenchy, you did something right because I don’t mind looking at these ad previews at all!  But why Timberlake?

We were looking for a man who’s recognized all over the world, someone new to the world of perfumery, and with great seductive potential.  Most importantly, we needed to find a man who could embody the modern elegance specific to the Givenchy brand as well as all the facets of Play. — Pamela Baxter, President & CEO of LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics N.A./President & CEO of Christian Dior Inc., (via Women’s Wear Daily)

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean he’s selling out and you’ll be seeing his autograph imprinted on a drugstore fragrance cologne bottle anytime soon.

“I could see doing a William Rast fragrance, but that’s as far as I think I’ll take it,” he said, joking that “there’s some level of narcissism you have to put in check” to do one.  “I don’t know that I would be completely comfortable with a my-name fragrance,” he added. “It feels like cheating, almost. It doesn’t seem like you’re creating anything.” —

That’s okay Justin, I understand.  You just concentrate on what you do best and bring sexy back.