Guilty of being awesome? Bare Escentuals Buxom Lashliner & Buxom Lashliner Brush have a day in court.

I am one of those gals that’s a little challenged in the eyelid department.  It’s either hereditary or it comes with wisdom, also known as age!  Because of that, sometimes it’s difficult to wear eyeliner because it winds up on my brow bone after an hour or it just overtakes what little real estate my poor eyeshadow needs.  I’m a huge fan of the tightlining technique and to be honest, it can be more difficult than it should be but I still love the effect it gives.  I also need the thinnest line possible, the thinner, the better!  But the line can’t be too hard… here I go asking for too much again!  Can I do it with the new Bare Escentuals Buxom Lashliner and Buxom Lashliner Brush?

I don’t want to confuse anyone with the photos, but the Buxom Lashliner gel and brush are purchased separately.  That’s okay!  They aren’t outrageously priced.  The brush and the liner are $15 each, so I don’t think you can really beat the quality for the price.  The Buxom Lashliner pot should last you until you are completely tired of using it ages from now or it expires (whichever comes first), and the brush should last indefinitely as long as it’s well cared for.

Let’s talk the liner itself– it reminds me of a Stila Smudge Pot a little but I think the texture is a little more on the creamy side of a gel.  The formulation of the gel itself is very cool, it’s a paraben-free formula with natural lash conditioning ingredients.  I don’t know of many eyeliners with honeysuckle, jojoba, tourmaline, and biotin in them!  Now let’s talk about the brush, it’s amazing!  I have a really hard time with liner brushes unless they’re on a slant so I was initially hesitant and a little worried.  The bristles are tapered so finely that I almost thought it was TOO easy.  It picks up the liner with no problem, not too much or too little.  I found the handle to be the perfect length for really getting in there and the handle was neither too thin or too thick.  It’s also just a sleek and sex-say little tool in all it’s silver glory and the included black patent case.

Here’s a photo of my eye with Buxom Lashliner in Leatherette only, and then with Buxom Lashliner and Buxom Lash Mascara:

C’mon guys, do I really need to show you what my eye looks like before liner again?  *hee hee*  On my top lashes I closed my eye and held it taut then applied Buxom Lashliner as close to the lashline as possible, and with that brush believe me it wasn’t hard!  On my bottom lashes all I did was fill in between the lashes, kinda like connect the dots.  I don’t think it’s too crazy or in-your-face but it still gives beautiful definition.  I went for the gusto and applied a few coats of Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara to compliment it’s little sister product and I love it.  Without any eyeshadow, I still think the look is fabulous.  Aside from a dramatic difference, I have to say that liner this thin and close to the lashline is very worry-free.  It’s less likely to smudge, it stays put all day (and night), and gives you plenty of room for intense shades of shadow if you choose.

I think this is an open and shut case for Buxom Lashliner and the brush!  It’s guilty of being plain awesome.  Talk to me in the comments girls.

  • Kelly

    I also love the Flawless Definition Mascara! I thought I had other favorites, but the new FD BE mascara might be my new fave. I can’t wait to check out the lash liner!

  • Amber

    Heya Kelly! Be sure to let me know how you like it! I could not believe the difference it made 😉


  • Valerie C.

    I love the look of this liner and the mascara….They don’t scream MAKEUP….but, look really good on you. I’ve added both to my wishlist! Thanks!

  • Amber

    Thanks Valerie! That’s one of the things I love about them too! They give a very polished and put-together look but aren’t harsh and wild. Glad you like em’!


  • Charlestongirl

    Now, I want it, Amber! I am also a thin-liner lady, and it is hard to get the line right down there in the lash base. My fav makeup artist does it so well. He basically pushes the liner into the lash base as he applies. And boy does it stay there!

    You look great in the photos!

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  • Donna Marti

    GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!! this lash/ eyeliner gel is great!
    yesterday in nyc it was close to 100 degrees & humid.
    i had this lashliner gel on & i can attest to it’s staying power. a little pricey but, this product is worth it with all it’s natural ingredients & performance.
    i just wish they would come out with an emerald green color.