Review: bareMinerals Matte Foundation

bareMinerals has really just gone and knocked my socks off with the new Matte Foundation— first of all, the jar.  Can we talk about the sifter?  See that funky new dial on the jar?  No more messy mess!  This upgrade on the jar is called the “Click, Lock, Go” component and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it first.  Could you imagine all of the makeup I could buy with those royalties?  Clearly, some of us need to get our priorities straight.  Now, you can tote your bareMinerals foundation around or drop it (like I do all the time!), and when you open the lid– the powder will still be where it belongs.  Very nice work!

The formula– impressive!  My skin is a conundrum of epic proportions.  It’s dry, but it becomes SO shiny and oily shortly after I apply my foundation and half-way through the day I’m reaching for other people’s blotting films because I’m perpetually out.  It’s that bad.  Combine that with the era I was wearing the wrong shade of bareMinerals foundation and I was looking like a freaky hot mess!  This matte foundation formula is actually infused with a RareMinerals Active Soil Complex that helps absorb oil and shine without making the skin look dry.  Which for me, it’s a real blessing because if I try to matte things down too much, I look like flaky-skin-girl.  Not exactly attractive.  I loved that my skin actually looked more balanced throughout the day and that my inevitable break-through shine just made the foundation look and wear even better.  I promise you dolls that I do not work for Bare Escentuals, but seriously I have not had major complaints about a product of theirs in a LONG time!  I haven’t been using it long enough to notice any of the skincare benefits like the cellular turnover, improved clarity, and smoother skin the new complex encourages as a result– but I feel like I get the improved clarity and my skin looks smoother when I wear the regular formula of bareMinerals foundation to begin with.  I couldn’t imagine why this wouldn’t perform at an even more advanced level.  I’ve told several people that when I wear this matte formula, I feel like my highlighting and contour products aren’t competing when my shine breaks through.  I’ve often strayed away from highlighting my cheekbone because of that and now I can do it and it just makes my skin look fresh versus glittery and oily.  Score another one for bareMinerals.

  • Perricone MD-Ashley

    I love Bare Minerals! It always makes my skin feel great.

  • Recessionista

    Well well well. Look who’s driving ME to the poorhouse now! lol! Say the words “matte” and “minerals” and “foundation” and you can almost hear my car screeching out of the driveway as you read this. :)

  • Amber

    R– *heh heh* I have to get you back somehow!


  • Amber

    Hiya Ashley,

    It does the same thing for me! I get a lot of compliments when I wear it too :)


  • Shauna

    Oooo, this is super-exciting! I do love the Bare Minerals, but get terrific shine (in a bad way!) half way through the day. This’ll be my next purchase for sure!!

  • Snoopy

    I have tried bare minerals many times and I haven’t really liked it. I have some acne scars which aren’t bad, but the original Bare Minerals foundation with its sheen seemed to accentuate them – ie. like craters on the moon. Plus, like many of you reported, it made my face look shiny as the day progressed. Recently, I tried the new matte formula and surprisingly, I like it. So, if you have tried BE in the past and it hasn’t worked for you, try the new matte formula. YOu may like it.

  • Amber

    Hi Snoopy!

    YAY! I’m SO glad you had a good experience with the matte formula. I absolutely love using it myself and I completely understand your feedback regarding the original formula. I think they absolutely nailed the matte formula and I hope you stay loving it as much as I am!


  • kayleighac

    I just started using Bare Minerals Matte foundation. It is amazing. It provides great coverage while still giving a very natural look. I use fair which matches my skin perfectly. Also it lasts all day with no shine! Love it!

  • Takitha

    I have bee using the bare minerals matte for a month now thinking it would help with my oily skin. But it seems to be making my skin even more oily. what am I doin wrong?

  • Amber

    Hi Takitha,

    I’ve never heard of that before, but that’s very interesting. Have you changed anything else, perhaps in your skincare routine? Have you used a primer, or changed one recently? As a last resort, it is possible that the matte is too dry for you (due to clay) and it’s causing your oil glands to compensate and kick up more. I’ve never heard of it with this specific product, but I have heard people say this about other clay-based mattifiers in the past. But it’s usually been in skincare. Try giving Bare Escentuals customer care a call or send an email voicing your concern to see if they have any recommendations. Let me know if you find an answer!


  • Traci

    I also love the matte product but hate hate hate the container. It leaves several days of product locked in the bottom and since you can’t pry the plastic piece out (like you could with the old containers) you end up throwing away several days worth of makeup. Considering the price it’s a real shame. They need to redo the container so you can lift out the top section to get to the last bit of makeup. If they did this – then it would truly be perfect.

  • Amber

    Hey Traci,

    You have a great point! I love the new container, but I didn’t really think about the aspect of some product being left in the jar because I haven’t finished one since they switched to the new component. Hmmm!


  • Jane

    found you all via google. I just bought the matte product and the travel brush and was cursing the container all morning. Until I turned it over. The bottom of the container comes off but beware. I made a huge mess on my counter.

  • Ah-HaMoment


    I just wanted to let you all know that you can open the new Bare Minerals containers from the bottom in order to get out the last little bit or make your own mixture.

    Just turn your container over (close it first) and there should be what looks like a full circle and it will have an edge that sticks up – use something to pry underneath that edge (tweezers, spoon, etc) and it will pop out.

  • Amber

    Thank you so so so much for sharing your ah-ha moment! :) Amber

  • Chrissi

    Thank you Ah-Ha! I had two ‘used up’ containers that I couldn’t throw away because I just knew that there had to be a way to get the extra powder out. Finally thought to Google it! Worked like a charm :)

  • Amber

    My readers are the BEST!

  • Kreative Karma

    Thank YOU for letting us know how to get that last little bit out! I was killing myself over here trying to pry the top open and shake out that last teaspoon, LOL! I knew there had to be a better way! So glad the bottom pops off! Feu!

  • Kate Severson

    Totally loving their matte foundation. I just recently bought my bareMinerals starter kit at Sephora and the makeup artist that was helping recommended the matte. I don’t think I could ever go back! Totally love it. I’ve been using it for a little over a week now and I definitely think my skin is feeling smoother.