The Little Engine That Could: Clarisonic Mia

mia1Sometimes, I miss the boat.  And I don’t mean in like a “my alarm didn’t go off this morning and I rushed to the port only to see my cruise ship has just left the dock” kind of way.  I mean it more in like a “I never even bought our tickets for the cruise” kind of way!   That’s pretty much how I missed the boat on the Clarisonic over the past few years.  In case you’re not yet familiar with this skin cleansing tool, the Clarisonic uses sonic technology which creates 300 movements per second for the brush head to provide a facial cleansing experience that nothing else on the consumer market can even compare to in my opinion.  So it pains me to admit that I’ve been using the good ol’ washcloth method with my facial cleansers du jour, sometimes muslin cloths, sponges, or even just my hands– combined with good old-fashioned elbow grease.

With that comes the constant laundering of said washcloths that I just know aren’t 100% free of my old gunk, regardless of how many times I’ve washed them in a tub of scalding hot soapy water after one use.  I know this for a fact since every so often I have to break down and bleach them because they’ve become so dingy from my facial cleansing escapades despite several regular washes.  Eww!  Can you also say– waste of water?  Au revoir, adios, farewell… it was nice knowing you, I think!  Since I finally got my hands on the newest member of the Clarisonic family, the Mia– it’s highly unlikely that I’ll even look back on my sorry old methods that I’m pretty ashamed of at this point after the experience I’ve had.

Fellow Beauty Junkies, meet the Clarisonic Mia— she rocks my socks:

Compared to the Clarisonic Classic, Mia is its little sister.  Smaller in size and with only 1 speed versus the Classic’s 2 speeds– it’s a pretty impressive little device.  I have never even tried the Classic version, I can’t offer an opinion on that difference, but I do believe Mia’s 1 speed is sufficient for removing 6 times more makeup than manual cleansing alone.  In just a single use after a long day of wearing a full face of makeup, with Mia’s 60 second cycle I was clean as a whistle.  My skin was GLOWING (not even slightly red!), cleansed better than ever before, and had a smoothness to it closely resembling one of my famous weekly nighttime exfoliating sessions.  It was so gentle and easy to use too!  All I did was remove my eye makeup first with my remover by hand, and lightly moisten my face and the Mia’s brush head with tap water.  Then, I applied a nickel-sized amount of the Gentle Hydro Cleanser which was included to the brush head.  But feel free to use the non-abrasive cleanser of your choice!  I turned the Mia on, and cleansed each area of my face using small circular motions in sections at short intervals. (forehead: 20 sec., cheeks: 10 sec. each, nose/chin: 20 sec.)  Mia will automatically turn off after one minute has elapsed, and you are finished!  In case you were wondering, the Mia will give 20 uses on one full charge.  I am now a believer and as long as I have this thing, I can honestly say that I will never use the washcloth method again.  I have seen the light, and for once– my cruise ship is at the dock and I’m finally on-board!  The handle is also waterproof, so if you’re a wash your face in the shower kinda girl, go for it.  The only thing I felt with the brush on my face was a little bit of a tickle from it’s sonic movements when I was cleaning my nose.

I gotta be honest dolls, that’s just how I am… in the past I could not see breaking down and purchasing the Classic when it launched, and that was long before Mia was born.  Price and skepticism held me back.  Depending on the retailer, they’re in the ballpark of $195 and up.  I’ve since changed my tune and can justify it on my own personal level, as I’ve been converted to the Clarisonic cult following by experiencing it’s worthiness firsthand.  Mia on the other hand is a little bit gentler on the wallet with a retail price of $149, which might be a little easier to swallow.  I don’t think my pores ever were so clean from just cleansing my face before– and that was just at home with my Mia and not while I was laying on an estheticians table with her cleansing my skin before she gives me a facial.  This is without a doubt, my newest Holy Grail beauty product and I look forward to using it daily!

The Clarisonic Mia is currently available on and for $149 in white, with pink available soon.  Sales of the pink Mia will support breast cancer research, with a portion of the proceeds from the sales dedicated to the cause!  Replacement heads are available and should be replaced every 90-120 days as the bristles become less effective over time.  Caring for a Clarisonic is easy, removing the brush head and rinsing it with warm soapy water will keep it lookin’ pretty!

†data on file from Clarisonic

  • Naomi

    This was a very helpful article I am new to the Clarisonic cult and was unsure which one to get and now I’ve found my answer :)

  • Amber

    Hi Naomi :)

    Thanks for stopping by! I really love my Mia– it’s made such a difference for me in such a short time. After you’ve used your Clarisonic, come back and let me know how you like it!


  • Ginny =D

    Thanks! My grandma just purchased this for me from qvc and I got it in today! So tonight will be my first use! I’m 13 (will be 14 in 3 months) and have really bad acne, I see a dermatologist, but the acne is still there. I’m hoping that this will clean my skin alot more efficiently than my hand and a washcloth 😉 After reading alot of reviews on the Clarisonic, I feel very determined this will work!

  • Amber

    Hey Ginny!

    Awesome :) I’m so glad you’ll get to try it! I would try to make sure to only use the sensitive skin brush for the time being– if I could just make a tiny recommendation… I hope it helps. Hang in there, it does take some time doll!


  • JoAnn L.

    Thanks for the review, I believe this is what my hubby will be getting me for Christmas.

  • Allie

    I’m 15 and I’ve been using the Clarisonic Mia for about 3 weeks or so. I broke out awfully for the first week (I guess all that deep cleansing brought my acne to the surface) but once that was cleared away, my skin became so much healthier and I have very little acne! I am so happy with this, and I didn’t have to pay a cent since I got it as a birthday gift :) I am so glad I tried this, and I’ve recommended it to all my friends as an amazing cure for acne!

  • Valerie

    Oh man… I was searching for a review to *kill* my Clarisonic Mia lemming, Amber. But this review just intensified it! I WANT.

  • Amber

    Valerie, your pretty little face deserves one 😉


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  • MaLou

    I opened my new pink Mia a few days ago used it once and when I placed it on the charger nothing happened. (No flashing light to indicate it was charging) I left it on all night with no success. Has anybody else had this problem? I am going to exchange it but I’m worried that this product might not hold up for the cost.

  • Amber

    Hi MaLou,

    My Mia has a charger that’s almost like a magnet that clips/attaches magnetically on the the bottom of the handle and then a green LED light that flashes in the middle of the back of the handle when it’s charging. I’ve had no charging problems with mine at all and it’s been quite some time that I’ve had it. If yours isn’t charging, I’d definitely take it back and exchange for a new one because it should last you for a long time! I honestly haven’t heard any charging complaints on the Mia, I hope that helps!

    :) Amber

  • vitto

    I have sensitive skin and was a bit concerned about irritating it with daily use. I only use the Mia once a day (as opposed to the recommended twice). My skin was fine to start with, but there were a few clogged pores here and there etc. Since I’ve started using the Mia, everything has gradually improved without irritation. Now my skin can really glow. Love it!

  • CopyKat

    I am excited to hear that you enjoy your Mia. I have just ordered one, and I hope to have good results just like you have had!