UNITE Eurotherapy hair products– well worth the effort of seeking out!

Over the past year, I’ve received numerous emails and comments asking about UNITE hair products and where they can be found.  They’ve garnered quite a cult following, but they’re not so easy to find I’ve learned– there’s an excellent reasoning behind this.  UNITE Eurotherapy believes strongly in protecting the integrity of their products and wants to make sure it remains the premium brand that it is.  When you purchase UNITE from one of their carefully selected and screened retail partners, you’re getting the real deal– not an unethically diverted product that can be compromised in several ways before it reaches your hands.  You won’t find their products sitting on a shelf next to another salon-only brand in mass-market retail locations where the integrity might not be what you sought out in the first place!  There’s a reason why beauty editors, big-name celebs, and hairstylists alike sing UNITE’s praises and you deserve that experience too.  While it may be frustrating for you to locate, know it’s for a good reason!  There’s a new salon locator function on their website to help you find the retail location closest to you, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and see what the buzz is about.  I’m happy to say, I finally did!  I just had to spill the details of what I’ve discovered that’s really worked for me so far.

It takes a lot of frustrating styling effort on my behalf to get a little bit of “oomph” out of my hair since it’s so fine.  I recently had a decent amount of layers added during my last cut and with that of course, comes a little bit of responsibility to avoid it resembling a few strings of black spaghetti hanging over my ears!  I have hair products that help in this department luckily– but I’m always happy to have more.

Starting off my styling routine with UNITE’s BE-FREE Shampoo for fine/colored hair was delicious!  The fruity scent got me hooked immediately and the creamy lather of the shampoo was fabulous.  BE-FREE is both paraben and sulfate free, making it perfect for not stripping hair color and I was surprised to learn the preservatives used in it are actually food-grade to lessen the chance of potential skin irritations.  I found the shampoo suitable for daily use, it added weightless shine and moisture, and reduced my drying time!  BE-FREE Condition was the PERFECT partner to such an awesome shampoo and kept the benefits going with weightless moisture, a yummy creamy scent, and added the thickening benefits of Panthenol to help build volume.  This was an impressive trial run with the line that had me wanting more!  Sometimes I’m leery of using leave-in detangling products like 7SECONDS Condition, but I wasn’t let down in that department either.  I can see why this is one of UNITE’s hero-products in the line since it’s also weightless, adds UV and thermal styling protection, and adds additional hair strand strengthening benefits.  Like all of the products I’ve tried in the line so far– the scent is very desirable!

Fine hair also needs some extra love in the styling product department too, and that’s where EXPANDA Volume Root Energizer and BOOSTA Volumizing Spray fit right in.  EXPANDA is meant for root use only and has a stronger hold factor of 8, while BOOSTA is great for fine hair and can be used all along the hair’s length with a hold factor of 4.  When I’m going for va-vavoom I’ll use EXPANDA at the root, and if I’m going for all over thickness and a decent amount of all over volume, BOOSTA works wonders for me without adding a stiff or crunchy texture.  These are a blessing to those of us with volume-challenged locks!

This was an incredible introduction to the brand for me and I’ll keep you posted on my future experiences with UNITE as there are a few more products I’d like to share with you.  Do you have an experience with UNITE Eurotherapy that you’d like to share?  Feel free to leave a comment!  I hope their new salon locator function makes it easier for you to find the brand, and that I’ve turned you on to some potential super additions to your styling routine.  You’ve gotta check out the entire line!  There is definitely something for everyone.

  • http://www.prevailsalon.com Kayla

    Check out Prevail Salon in Camp Hill, PA! We sell Unite and we LOVE IT!!!

  • Tammy

    I’m a stylist trying to buy your products and I can’t find them! Can you help? Thanks for your time!! Tammy

  • sandra garry

    my hair stylist sprayed my hair with unite’s leave in conditioner, and my hair is still frizz free.where or how can i purchase this product?

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite.com Amber

    Hi Sandra,

    It’s a salon-only product, I would look on their salon locator to find the one closest to you:


    I LOVE the leave-in too, it smells SOOOO good!


  • http://baeutyjunkiesunite.com PAOLA CASTILLO

    Where can I buy UNITE Products?

  • susan

    what is the usual price for unite 8 oz weekender shampoo?

  • Abby

    We sell Unite products as well, we just got the new line. Check us out at Emily’s Shear Expressions on the Fruitville Pike in Lancaster.

  • aurora

    I love your products and wish to purchase the shampoo,conditioner and Boing Curlingcream

  • http://beautyjunkieunite.com Mar Ann

    I was given the 7 second conditioner as a gift. I have thick hair with wave and curls. This conditioner is FANTASTIC! My hair stylist thinks my hair is so shiny, healthy and soft and it is all because of the 7 second hair conditioner!!! I just love it. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!

  • Ashley Zayat

    Yes i loveeee unite products hair line, it can be pricey as ive found that each bottle of product usually costs on average $27, however considering the amazing results that you get and also that the products are 100% sulfate and paraben free,,,,, how could you not invest in beautiful hair. Had my hair striped from black to blonde, amazing difference in the texture and health of my hair. I use the mosturizing shampoo, & conditioner, mosturizing treatment, blow & set lotion, liqua shine gloss, & expanda root energizer, which all comes to about$180, but i swear everyday it looks like i came straight out of the salon…. must have :)

  • Nathalia

    These are the BEST hair products ever!!! I recommend them 100%