Currently Loving: Miss Oops! Rescue Sponge & Mishap Tape

Miss Oops! Rescue SpongeAnything that can go wrong, will go wrong– and that’s the story of my life.  Sometimes I feel like the tragic character in a movie who can’t catch a break and nothing ever goes right for her!  Alarm doesn’t go off, wake up late and rush to get dressed, put on the only pair of clean pants you own, and you split a seam.  Brush your teeth after you’re already dressed, and you get toothpaste all down the front of your blouse.  My most frequent misfortune is sliding a dark shirt over my head, only to pull it down and realize I’ve got more deodorant on the outside of my shirt than I have on my pits.  I know you know the drill!

Miss Oops! (that should be my legal name) Rescue Sponges take away that panic I feel when I’ve just ruined my last clean black tank top, I lightly rub a dry one over the deodorant mark a few times and luckily– it’s gone!  I usually am not thinking very logically when these little “Oops!” happen, so it’s nice to have these handy when I’m already flustered.  Then, I can go on about my day where I will undoubtedly embarrass myself in some other awkward situation.

Miss Oops Mishap TapeHere’s another one of my favorites: I’m wearing a dress with a little bit of a daring neckline and it’s not staying put.  Hi!  I’m the girl over here tugging at the top of my dress all day!  It was so not the look I was going for.  This has happened to me more times than I care to remember, but recently I was left slightly traumatized from the embarrassment of it happening when I really didn’t think it would.  Had I slapped on a few pieces of Mishap Tape, it wouldn’t have.  They always say that hindsight is 20/20!