Chanel Jade Le Vernis Nail Colour swatches!

by Amber on October 8, 2009

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Drumroll, please…

Chanel Jade

Chanel Jade!  Earlier in the week, I shared swatches of the new Chanel Jade Rose nail polish but haven’t been able to get my hands (err… my nails) on a bottle of Jade because it’s hot hot hot.  Last night, Mom came bearing a little gift!  Proof that you should make friends and be extra nice to salespeople because they know where the secret stash is of the hot stuff, I’m serious!  I love this minty hue so much, I want to marry it.  Didn’t we say that in like– 5th grade? It’s so fresh and spunky looking and seems more like a Spring release than a Fall offering, but I’ll take it.  Thanks Mom!

Chanel Jade

Chanel Jade

The slight twinkle in Jade is much more obvious than the little twinkle in Jade Rose in my opinion, and it’s lovely if I do say so myself.  This polish is just kinda “eh” at 2 coats, but comes alive after 3 coats and a shiny top coat.  I know for sure what my new mani/pedi color is going to be this weekend!  I’ve worn Jade Rose this week and it’s held up incredibly well, no chips and minimal wear & tear.  I hope Jade will be the same!

How do you feel about the new green nail polish trend this season?  I warmed up to it immediately, how about you?

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