The Hair Whisperer– Shelee Maeda

Shelee MaedaIf your hair could talk, here’s what it would say to you:

“You’ve been abusing me for years, and I haven’t said a word, but I have needs too!  If you want me to stick around, you’re gonna have to make some changes.  I need nutrients, and if I don’t get them– I’m out the door, sister!”

Shelee Maeda has been listening to what hair has to say (in a figurative sense, of course!) for over 10 years and originally created her signature Shelee Treatment out of personal necessity.  Defying the rules of hair color, Shelee often took her naturally black hair beyond platinum– resulting in damage and breakage we can all sympathize with at least once in our lives.  After meticulously and intensively working with a chemist to get it just right, the two-step Shelee Treatment was born!

I popped into one of my favorite LA-area spas, Kinara, to see Shelee at the Koji Toyoda Hair Studio to receive the hair facial/deep treatment from Shelee herself.  She’s managed to please the hair of Madonna with her own two hands before, so what’s good enough for Madge is good enough for me!  She immediately set her sights on what was going on with my frumpy mane, conducting a thorough consultation of my hair and scalp.  It looks like all my years of slapping color on my hair have resulted in a substantial weakening of the integrity of my already-fine hair strands so much, it couldn’t have volume on it’s own even if it wanted to.  My scalp was dry and tight too, so off I went to have the best shampoo experience I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE– I may have claimed that about previous salon visits elsewhere, but this one officially surpassed all others.  Comfortable shampoo bowl… an excellent, soothing, and very detailed scalp massage that lasted at least 5 minutes… could you ask for more?

Shelee Treatment

Part one of the in-salon treatment consists of the application of a corrective formula with soy proteins and other mane-mending nutrients to help reconstruct the hair shaft and provide shine.  After allowing the formula to harden on my hair while under a warm dryer– I received a nice rinse in that same magical shampoo bowl!  Part two is an application of a concentrated pro-vitamin B5 moisturizing complex with other magical ingredients, followed by a short time under the dryer and another life-changing rinse.  With both steps complete after about 30 minutes, it was a night & day difference.  Not only did the integrity of my hair look and feel better, I had actual volume– and that was sans a single styling product or round brush.  I opted for a quick hand-dry instead so I could really see what my hair was up to after the treatment.  Shelee recommends following up with her at-home version every two weeks to maintain your in-salon results.

Check out Shelee Maeda and her famous Shelee Treatment ($85) at the Koji Toyoda Hair Studio inside of Kinara at 656 North Robertson Blvd. • West Hollywood, CA • 310-657-9188