5 White-Hot Ceramic Watches!

A few months ago when I was in New York, I visited the Chanel boutique–trust me, I didn’t buy anything!  I spied a couple looking at theeeeeee white ceramic watch and I thought to myself I had better take a mental snapshot of this event because I would probably never again in my life personally witness someone spend $5800 on a watch.  If you want to partake in the white hotness of white ceramic watches, there are more affordable options out there!

Okay.  Seriously Chanel?  The closest thing I would ever own to their J12 GMT White Ceramic Unisex Watch would have to be purchased in some side-street cubby hole in downtown LA, and the face of it would say “Channel” instead of “Chanel”.  Oh well!  At least it would only cost me $15 and a $5 Metro Redline ride.  While I was there, I could also score some Kalvin Clein jeans if I reeeeeally wanted to.  Talk about one-stop shopping!

For a more “upscale” approach that’s way more affordable (than Chanel’s at least), you can go with the Michael Kors ceramic watch which will set you back about a cool $450.  This one is on my Mom’s holiday wish-list this year but I hate to disappoint her, it’s not going to be from me!

I’m more in the $85-$165 range for this white watch trend and I like the new Swatch “Full-Blooded”.  It’s a nice-looking watch for the price!  A little more basic is the Fossil “Stella” at $85 which is pretty decent.  But to be honest, I’d really like to have the Toy Watch acrylic version, it’s just so “cute” to me.  I wish it wasn’t $225!

Are you in to the white watch trend?

  • http://www.yahoo.com vikas

    great collection ever……..

  • Marcus

    these watches are nice………….

  • Jamie

    where can i get a knockoff one?