New Fragrance Releases On The Way From Bath & Body Works

It’s new release update time from Bath & Body Works, so does that mean good stuff for us?  Hmm…

P.S. I Love You Spring Fling

First up–the February 1st release of P.S. I Love You Spring Fling, a fresh and playful take on the original P.S. I Love You fragrance that was released last year.  With the original being predominantly rose-based, Spring Fling sounds crisp and clean with key notes of wild honeysuckle, sparkling water, and fresh air.  This is up on their website now with a Buy 2 Get 1 deal, anyone tried it yet?

Sweet Pea

On February 22nd, one of our classic favorites, Sweet Pea gets a new look, and a new addition–Sweet Pea Forever.  Very cute.

Moonlight Magic & Moonlight Path

Moonlight Path also gets a packaging makeover on the 22nd, but a new fragrance is being introduced too!  Say hello to Moonlight Magic, I wonder what the difference in the notes will be…any guesses?

Orange Sapphire

Orange Sapphire already looks and sounds like it will be a must-have for me, but we’ll have to wait until March 29th to know for sure!  Get a whiff of these notes: golden honey, white jasmine, exotic blood orange, vibrant mandarin, and citrus sangria.

Summer Vanillas

And finally–the Summer Vanillas should be out on April 19th, just in time for tees and tank tops.  Berry, Coconut, and Lemon sound yummy, but I’m really betting on the berry to be my favorite.  I figure coconut will be the strongest seller, and I’ll probably like the lemon because I looooove lemon anything–but I don’t recall ever having anything vanilla-lemon.  Sounds very interesting!

So what do you dolls think, anything here that will have you making a special trip to Bath & Body Works?

  • Rebecca

    These all sound terrific! I love Sweet Pea, and Orange Sapphire!? Yum.

    Are you planning to do a review on Revlon’s PhotoReady foundation?

  • Amber

    Hey Rebecca!

    I know, Orange Sapphire? Sounds delish! I don’t have the Revlon PhotoReady foundation yet, but I have it on my wish list. I’ll see what I can do!


  • Jennifer B.

    I love any citrus smell and can’t wait to try the berry vanilla

  • Amber

    Hi Jennifer,

    I’m a sucker for anything citrus and anything berry myself!


  • Recessionista

    Oooooooh-weeeeee!!! I have been hearing rumors about these new scents for weeks now (some friendly anonymous BBW employees gave me a little heads-up about the descriptions) and I have been so excited about the possibility of a new citrus scent and especially the vanilla blends. Now I can officially say I am THRILLED after seeing your pics! All three of those vanillas WILL be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine! lol. Thanks SO much for the scoop–you rock (as always). xo

  • Amber

    Thanks R! I saw that you mentioned the possibility of these babies a few weeks ago so you know I had to go poking around!


  • RachelB

    I am so excited! I feel like my fav scents always get discontiuned, I can’t wait for the new summer scents! Thanks so much!!!!!

  • Amber

    Hey Rachel :)

    I know, they always do that to us. I feel so old by saying this–but why on earth would they ever take my beloved Country Apple away from me?! I used that stuff in high school!


  • Mika chan

    Omg I SO want that Orange Sapphire. B&Bworks had me hooked as soon as I saw the name of it.

  • http://beautyjunkiesunite julie

    Although i stay in India & i cannot get bbw stuffs here easily however Iam a die hard fan of bbw good job guys!