Currently Wearing: Maybelline EyeStudio Color Pearls “Khaki Craze”

The verdict is out on some of the new Maybelline EyeStudio products, and the posts I’ve read out there in the blogosphere are predominantly positive.  I reviewed the new Color Plush Quads and found it pretty easy to create a few new looks, and now I’m playing with the Maybelline EyeStudio Color Pearls Marbleized Eyeshadow Duos!

The color combos I highly recommend are: Carbon Frost, Ivy Icon, and Khaki Craze (my current love!).  Let’s check it out!

Maybelline Khaki Craze swatch

Baked duos are one of my fave ways to buy eyeshadow, they seemingly last forever and the pigments are usually nice and rich!  I loved Khaki Craze both wet and dry, I used the dark khaki on the lash line wet, and the gold shade on my lower lash line applied wet.  The rest of the eye is done with a few dry swipes for highlight and contour.

Maybelline Color Pearls Khaki Craze

My verdict?  Great color payoff for drugstore ($6.99), and a small amount of shadow fallout under the eyes with the dark khaki shade (it always happens to me anyway!).  I also love the marbleized side for it’s ability to blend several shades yourself and pick up a new color each time if you please.  Color Pearl Duos are available in 10 color combinations, have you had a chance to check these out yet?  Do tell what your fave shades are!

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine my opinion of the product in this post.  Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding my policies for using editorial samples.

  • Recessionista

    OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG! Absolutely STUNNING on you!! That settles it. I must have this one! :)

  • Redz24

    Those look awesome, are they going to be released in the UK?

  • Amber

    Well thank you lovelies! Redz24, I’m sorry that I don’t know the answer to your excellent question. If I can find anything out, I’ll be sure to let you know!


  • Deannea

    My goodness, I just saw the sample on you. BRAVO!!!!!!! It’s damn amazing! I’ve always thought that eye shadow made me look “drag queeny” (on myself in particular), then I tried “Mad for Mauve” & “Mocha Mirage” and I now wear it religiously on my ‘lil excursions’~ Not to mention, I’ve learned that it’s all in the application! A smidgen here, just a ‘kiss’ of it on the brow bone there & VOILA! All beauti-full & ready to embark <3 Thank you for the most helpful tips in the world!!

  • Amber

    Thanks Deannea! :)


  • Sarah

    I have Carbon Frost and I LOVEEEE it!