The 2010 Oscars: The Fab, The Drab, and The Just “Okay”

I rushed home from all of my Sunday errands yesterday, literally just one minute before the red carpet coverage began.  I even put my husband to work on the couch next to me, taking notes on the arrivals!  Here’s what we thought…well–mostly what I thought:

The Fab

The belle of the ball last night was clearly Sandra Bullock.  This has been her awards season for sure!

Sandra Bullock 2010 Academy Awards

My fellow Twitter-dolls helped me to confirm that Sandra was wearing Chanel Rouge Coco in “Paris” on her lips, a perfect choice for the stunning champagne Marchesa gown she wore.  It was paired with a straight, sleek hairstyle–worn down with a deep side part and placed over one shoulder.  She’s been wearing variations of this style on the red carpet lately and it works for her, so why not?  There wasn’t a dry eye in my house during her gracious and humble acceptance speech, Sandy is so cool that she could be my BFF is she wanted to!  And no, I wouldn’t hit on her husband…

Demi Moore

Demi Moore Oscars

Both my husband and I let out audible gasps when Mrs. Kutcher stepped on the stage to present a tribute to the talent we lost in 2009.  There was absolutely not a thing out of place–the dress, the shoes, everything was FABULOUS.  Those killer legs…she’s still got it!  The pretty lip color she was rocking was a combo of Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge in “Rich Cashmere” and Juicy Tubes in “Spring Fling”.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah Oscars

I have been singing the praises of Queen Latifah for a long time, but THIS dress is THE BEST YET.  She keeps topping herself, time and time again!  The cut was exceptionally flattering to her beautiful figure, the pale pink shade was absolutely stunning against her skin, and her makeup was luminous and flawless.  Need I say more?  Makeup artist, D’Andre Michael describes Queen’s eye look:

For Queen Latifah’s eyes, I started by applying COVERGIRL Queen Collection Natural Hue Minerals Pressed Powder in Brown Bronze 1 to the brow bone. I do this to achieve a more natural look to the brow bone.  Secondly, I used COVERGIRL Smoky ShadowBlast in Purple Plume on the entire lid from the lash line to the inner crease. I then used COVERGIRL Smoky ShadowBlast in Onyx Smoke in the inner crease to blend up on the brow bone.  For depth and intensity, I used COVERGIRL Outlast Smoothwear All Day Eyeliner in Onyx on the inner bottom eyelid. To give lashes the oomph that most women crave, I applied COVERGIRL LashBlast Length Waterproof Mascara in Very Black.


Mo'Nique oscars dress

Mo’Nique has all the right curves in this vibrant blue hue with ruching!  With a gorgeous gardenia in her hair (a tribute to Hattie McDaniel), she accepted an Academy Award last night for her role in Precious. Cue the crying in my house again–during her speech, she turned to her husband and said, “Thank you for showing me that sometimes you have to forgo what’s popular to do what’s right. And baby, you are so right.” Very well said.

Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe oscars dress

Gabourey is a vision in blue too, sapphire blue!  Her Marchesa gown with crystal floral embroidery was sophisticated but not overstated.  Her hair in Hollywood screen-siren glamour waves was the perfect ‘do to compliment her look!  This Hollywood newcomer already has her poses down, she’s already set for next season’s awards!

The Drab

Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart

Miley Cyrus Oscars dressKristin Stewart Oscars dress

What gives, you two?  I’m going to start a band called The Slouchy Twins, and I’d love for you both to be the lead singers!  Where is the grace and the poise?  Before you start sending me hate mail, there were tons o’ fellow tweeters last night saying exactly the same thing.  If you’re gonna run with the big dogs in Hollywood, you better start practicing walking with books on your heads…and quickly.

The Just “Okay”

Please don’t kill me, but Zoe Saldana was gorgeous from the waist up.  The rest of her dress looked like “Big Bird on acid”, and that is compliments of my husband!  There were also some moments I saw her struggling with the bottom while she was trying to pose.

Zoe Saldana oscars dress

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Richie also get honorable mentions here.

Mariah Carey Oscars DressJennifer Lopez Oscars DressNicole Richie Oscars dress

Share your thoughts, what were your picks for hits and misses?

  • TJ

    I really loved Sandra Bullock’s dress too. That vintage beading was so spectacular! Mo’nique’s gardenia was really gorgeous too. Demi Moore’s dress was amazing too. When I saw Zoe Saldana’s waist up shot, I thought what a beautiful… (and then I saw the rest) and was like what the world?!? LOL I’ve seen it referred to as a can-can’t…

  • Amber

    Hi TJ! I LOVE the “can-can’t”!


  • Danitza Zarate

    I have to say that I agree with you … I didnt see in the Oscars program about Kristen Stewart and Miley Cirus, I just saw when Kristen present one of the oscars and I was like “come on, she needs more attitude” she seemed like if she was practicing instead of being in real tv hahaha. And about the Just Okay, I couldnt agree more with you. I was watching the show on E! and the presenters were so like “ohh so beautiful Jennifer Lopez dress” and I was just like “come on” is not that beautiful at all hahaha. And the dress of Mariah Carey was too much leg to show, we know she can have beautiful legs but it was necessary to show it that much?? hahahaha

  • Amber

    You are so right Danitza! Personally, I thought JLo’s dress looked like bubble wrap…


  • Meghan

    i couldn’t agree more about Zoe’s dress. My first view of it was from the waist up and i got SO excited and then when i saw the bottom my mouth fell to the floor- and not in a good way. it’s TOTAL big bird gone purple.

  • Wendy Karten

    The most beautiful dresses are wearing on the one hand miley cyrus and on the other hand Demi Moore. But i have to say “the old woman” Demi cut a really brilliant figure – much more beeter than miley.

  • erika

    I absolutely looooved Miley’s dress… I just wish she did not have that poor posture in every single shot! Its pretty distracting :/. I wish Demi, Cameron Diaz, Dakota Fanning (or myself. . Haa!) had rocked that frock instead.