Physician’s Formula / Target BOGO Coupon On Facebook!

Physician's Formula / Target BOGO Coupon

If you like Physician’s Formula and you want to save some cash, listen up!  Right now on their Facebook page, they’re offering an instant BOGO coupon that you can use at Target in addition to an opportunity to win some great prizes:

Grand Prize – go to Target and take a picture of yourself outside of the store holding any Physicians Formula product.  Upload the picture to Facebook (and tag PF) and automatically get entered to win one of two $500 Target gift cards (one drawing each month).

Daily Prizes – for those that register but don’t upload a picture of themselves outside of Target, they will automatically be entered to win a $50 Target gift card (awarded daily for two months).

Bonus Prize – if you get 20 friends to become fans of PF on Facebook and register, you win a $20 Target gift card.

Find more details on how to grab your Physician’s Formula / Target Buy One Get One Free coupon

  • Sandra

    Got mine, went to Target, found the items – made sure they matched the sign. Got to the front – 9.09 on sale. I was like, umm, the sign said….Nope see – the computer says 9.09 on sale…*sigh* ok, the sign said something else, I said [:(] .The computer also showed a ‘return w/o receipt price of 3.00’ (HELLO CASHIER, THAT WAS THE EXACT PRICE I SAID THE SIGN SAID) Will have to bring the sign up next time IF THERE ARE ANY LEFT, there were only a few of the compacts and no loose minerals, stupid cashiers – when I was cashier, I immedately had them show me the sign, I reviewed it, usually honored the sign, then fixed the sign afterwards. stupid…

  • Amber

    Hi Sandra,

    Yikes! That doesn’t sound good :( I’m glad you were able to get it!