Review: Garnier HerbaShine Hair Color

Now that companies are offering a 10 minute solution to covering gray, it’s highly unlikely I will ever go back to suffering for 25-30 minutes unless I’m testing a product.  We will be a slave no longer to our hair color.

Garnier HerbaShine promises “radiant, shiny color” in 10 minutes, to blend and cover up to 70% gray in 18 shades minus the harsh ammonia.  I checked out #200, Soft Black to cover my own lovely shades of gray and found several things that I liked about HerbaShine.

• No foul odor
I cannot tell you how many times my eyes have watered from excessive fumes.  HerbaShine smells pretty fruity for a hair color, I found it to actually be pleasant.

• Less hair damage
Since this is ammonia-free and fortified with avocado oil, shea butter, and bamboo extract, it seems like my hair wasn’t angry with me when I was finished.  It was soft and shiny after rinsing and applying the included conditioner.

• Blurred line of demarcation
I know I’m not fooling anyone with my black hair color, but it’s the last thing I feel like I have from my youth.  Because I choose to try to prolong the magic for as long as I can, when black hair color meets gray new growth, there is almost always a very hard line of demarcation which makes it even worse and more tell-tale.  I’m about 3 weeks in to my HerbaShine experience and it has slightly faded on-tone to an even softer black which I don’t mind.  I feel like I can maybe squeeze another week out of it.

Cream Formula
I appreciated that I didn’t have any drips since it was a cream formula that stayed put while it was on my hair.  Clean-up was much faster and it was easier to control during application.

Without getting all Mr. Wizard, Garnier describes HerbaShine as neither a semi-permanent nor a demi-permanent hair color, but a soft-lift.  It’s not going to be your go-to hair color if you want to take your hair from brown to blonde or much lighter from where you’re already at, but to go a little darker or blend gray, I found it effective.  I’m not sure what the results would be with any of the other shades since I’m almost always the darkest of colors offered, but from what I’ve experienced–I’d say this is a good at-home solution to go 1-2 shades darker and blend (not entirely cover) gray without it being too obvious!

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  • stephanie

    My hair has not stopped falling out since i used this product a week ago! i feel like crying and i don’t know what to do.I know its pointless contacting the company as they will do nothing about it! Please anyone else who has had the same problem with this product contact me so we can do something about it together!!


  • Maria

    To Stephanie. I have a hairdressing diploma so I can give you a bit of advice. You loose a lot of hair naturally, each day. You might notice it more now that you are looking for it. But even if it is really falling out a lot more than before, you should know that stress doesn’t help the problem. It makes it much worst. Also, it could be a health problem related to hormones. Like if you have thyroid problems, it could happen. And also, cold water is good for your hair. So at the end of your shampoo, rinse your hair with cold water (not ice cold, just not hot). It will add shine to your hair and it will help your color stay longer.

    Best of luck.

  • Rachel

    This hair loss thing is really concerning! I also got the coupon for the free box and wanted to give it a try, since money is tight, but now I’m scared to try it. ;( Do you think it’s because of their 10-minute claim? Did they just make it way too strong a product??! Why would they do that if they were receiving complaints?? I wonder if the formula has been changed, and if the hair loss happened across the spectrum of colors, or if it’s just some of the dye colors. I purchased one of the reds–565.

  • Melissa

    Thats really sad Steph, I tried it and luved it! It gave me beautful black shiny hair (I was a dark brown)! Isn’t it suppoused to less harsh then the other compaines hair color ? Well my hair isnt falling out, and I wish you the best of luck.

  • SunDevil

    This product is not for relaxed African American hair. It will break off the hair.

  • Sophie

    Hey, This is a good review, it makes me feel more trusting toward their claim that it will not damage hair. Does anyone know how the light brown colour comes out on really dark brown hair? It’s the lightest brown there is, because I want to make sure that the colour comes through:) However, I’m worried that it may cause coppery or ginger tones! Any advice?
    Also, how long does herbashine last? Thanks for your help! x

  • Caroline

    The 10 minute color is great and my hair is sensitive. African American hair that is relaxed is sensitive to many hair color companies and so is brazlian blow out or any relaxed or chemically treated hair.

    Garnier products do not last as long with the color but the blended hairlines of grow out are wonderful. Be sure to use the garnier hair products that go with colored hair.. they are great.

  • Suzanne

    I was going out to buy this product tonight I just thought Id look for directions first to know what color to get and I end up HERE! My hair is super fine and thin and that dirty dishwater blond that without a few highlights is UGLY! For years I have added highlights now and then and never had to do much more but now Im going grey…I wont dye it dark or bleach it I though this might be the answer….OH WELL Im glad I read these comments I cant afford to lose one strand of my hair!

  • Asanamidwife

    I used this product 2 weeks ago and my hair is STILL FALLING OUT!!! it is falling out- full length- from the roots- copious amounts@!!!!!!!!
    From the first time I washed it out- there was literally like a full hand full- it still comes out in large amounts- clogs the drain! What good does a semipermanent color do-(protection-wise)- if it makes all of your hair fall out and look like s*//t!!!!!!!!!!!
    This needs to be yanked from the market AND they need to be sued!!!!

  • Francedeux

    I usually use herbashine #632 but wanted to try #630, same light brown color but ”warm”.  My hair turned too red !  What do I do ?  can I apply another herbashine (#632)  or do I have to strip it first ?

  • Amber

    That’s a tough call that I wouldn’t be able to answer for you, sorry! I’d probably call the help line for Garnier to discuss.

  • Maryanne

    Don’t use this product, please. About a year ago, I switched from permanent hair dye to this product. Gradually, I noticed my hair thinning and just about a month ago, after about a year of use, my scalp is itchy and red. Thinking it was dandruff-type condition, I started using a coal tar shampoo which is medicated and seemed to relieve the itch. Tonight I did another application of Herbashine and the itch and burning has returned with a vengeance leading me to conclude that I’ve developed a strong allergy to this product. I’ve never had an allergy in my life until now.

  • Billie Lankford

    I used the Root Beer Float and loved it and am going back for more…Its awesome cause I can not take strong smells. and the color is brilliant and a great mixer…of all the colors I want …thanks

  • Amber

    So happy this was helpful to you! Sounds like a dreamy color :)