Sorry Rock of Love Fans, Pantene Says it’s Not Bret Michaels.

Yesterday there was some pretty huge Pantene news!  There were teasers given all day on Wednesday regarding the announcement–Pantene was going to announce the newest face of Pantene on Thursday, a new brand ambassador would be coming our way.  But who could it be?

The five hints given via Pantene’s Twitter account:

Clue #1 Known for his/her rock star locks
Clue #2 Can captivate millions of people live
Clue #3 Has hair that is admired by men and women
Clue #4 Can handle the pressures of “reality”
Final Clue #5 Former Time Person of the Year

You know I went running to wiki to look at the list of Time’s Person of the Year recap, and I guessed it by sheer process of elimination–YOU.  (I know, I cheated.)  But not without some bewilderment beforehand, honestly.  Then yesterday Pantene pulled a doozy on all of us who were watching the announcement live via webcast…for about 3.5 seconds we were led to believe the newest brand ambassador would be Bret Michaels.  Yes, that Bret Michaels.

But like I said, it was only for about 3.5 seconds.  And Daisy’s heart broke.  Again.  You know, he’s been all over the world, and he’s only had the most beautiful girls, and this is the hardest decision he’s ever had to make.  Sure.  Thanks Pantene for the April Fool’s joke, good one.

Now that I’ve had my laugh (or laughs), check out how you can become the world’s first live reality hair star.  Because it’s sure to be better than being a reality star via VH1 or MTV.  I’d personally rather be known for my locks–I’m just sayin’.