Coming Soon: Spring Fling Giveaways!

I know, I’m such a tease!  But I wanted to give you an idea of what’s coming up–a few Spring Fling Giveaways that will feature some great items you’ll want to have this season.  The first one is coming up shortly, so check back soon!

  • donnab

    i’m a subscriber, looks like someones gonna be real happy!

  • donnab

    i subscribed to beauty junkies unite, so its on my homepage.have a great week to all!!

  • scottie

    for some reason it wont let me reply to any contest but one

  • Amber

    Scottie, the giveaways with closed comments have ended, sorry you missed them! Currently the Sally Hansen Giveaway is going strong and there will be some new ones added this week! You can also always see the most current active giveaways here:

  • Nancy Reid

    Just started coming here and already I am very impressed!