Heidi Klum’s New Haircut: Conduct Unbecoming of a Supermodel

Dear Heidi Klum,

Mick Jagger called and he’s pissed.  He said he wants his hair back:

Maybe it’s just me, but I am not loving this new haircut that Heidi is sporting.  While I’m a huge proponent of change and breaking the rules, this hairstyle is a little a lot too severe for her delicate features.

I can’t get no satisfaction out of Heidi’s new ‘do.  Who’s with me?

  • Park Avenue

    Heidi Klum’s new haircut is AWFUL! It ages her so much.

    The Rolling Stones’ cover is hilarious!!!

  • Amber

    Hi Park Avenue,

    Thank you! I don’t necessarily think she has to have long hair all the time, the short angular bob she had was great on her, but this style is the pits! I’m glad I’m not losing my mind here (at least over this!).


  • http://stylistdiva.blogspot.com Bree

    I’m sorry but I must defend the good Heidi. She has 4 children, a rock star husband, a popular show, and MANY other gigs. She’s still beautiful, even if she went Sinead on us. I think after a modeling career for the past 10-15 years she can do whatever she wants to her hair and she will still be beautiful. Who are we to judge until we are in her shoes?
    something to ponder…

  • Amber

    Hi Bree,

    You have a great point! I meant this more in a fun way rather than trying to be mean (hence the Some Girls album cover), and I’m sorry if it comes across that way. (I promise I’m not mean at all!) She is a successful, beautiful woman for sure and I really like her myself. I wish I could look as hot as she did on the runway at the Victoria’s Secret show right after giving birth! If anything, I think her hairstylist gave her a poor haircut on a technical level that could have been executed much better and perhaps I should have clarified that. But I guess if she’s happy with it, that’s all that matters at the end of the day 😉


  • shauna

    I agree…not flattering! And if a supermodel can’t pull it off, what hope do the rest of us have?! She had beautiful hair, too.

  • http://ontheglam.com On the Glam

    Usually Heidi can do no wrong in my book. But i am hating this shag disaster.

  • http://www.haironthebrain.com/ Hair On The Brain

    Whenever people say, “who are we to judge” I always want to say: WE’RE BLOGGERS. IT’S WHAT WE DO. It’s like a full-time thing with us. 😉 Also, I love a young Mick Jagger. Beautiful! His hair on Heidi? Not so much.

  • Beauty Junkie

    Heidi’s new cut is dowdy, matronly, boring, dated and just plain ugly, especially in that muddy dark blonde. I guarantee you that the color will start lightening up immediately, and she will grow out the cut as fast as possible, maybe even by adding extensions. I don’t know what can be done about the heavy bangs, though, they’re just tragic.

  • alice

    makes her look like the villainess in “from russia with love.” old and dowdy.

  • bailie

    I Love Heid’is hair. She doesn’t have to look like everyone else and anything would look good on her anyway.