6 Better Ways to Exfoliate for Sunless Tan Fans

Exfoliating before using a self-tanning product is an essential step if you want to ensure a streak-free application with even color development.  I have to admit, it’s pretty tempting to skip in the essence of time!  What’s even worse is when you take the time to exfoliate before sunless tanning and your skin is coated in an oily residue which ends up botching up your efforts.  Talk about watching all of your hard work go down the drain!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the way my skin feels after an intense scrub with a little bit of oil left behind to soothe and hydrate my dry skin, but before tanning–not so much.  In search of a better way to exfoliate prior to self-tanning minus the oil slick, Kristin and I tried out a few products to see if they were good candidates for the job.  Here’s what we discovered:

Honeycat Cosmetics Calypso Kitty Pineapple Scrub

I wanted nothing more than to taste this incredible body treat, it smells divine!  Even though there are carrot and rice bran oils in the mix, Calypso Kitty absorbed right into my skin after use.  With pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and coconut blended with dead sea salt, this is one of the drier salt scrubs I’ve used and it rocked.

Ole Henriksen Loofah Body Scrub

I chose this one because of it’s different texture–the gentle abrasive quality in this scrub comes from walnut powder, natural loofah, and jojoba beads in a creamy base.  Another thing I really like about this one is how refreshing it feels, menthol gives a little bit of a cooling sensation which will be perfect once summer rolls around!  If you need a good scrub but prefer something without salt, this might be a good choice.

Red Flower Japan Ohana Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub

Kristin enjoyed this one, although she was skeptical at first because it looked like coffee grounds and the fragrance was an intense ginger and fresh cut grass scent.  But when it was all said and done, it left behind sleek, polished skin (even on tough elbows and knees) and prepped for a sunless tanning session without the grease.

Get Fresh Lemongrass Mineral Body Scrub

This scrub was so rich and creamy that I was afraid it would definitely make my skin greasy to the touch.  Instead, it felt extremely smooth and conditioned.  Plus, I LOVE how fresh it smells, it really smells like lemongrass which perked me right up.

Shobha Exfoliating Cloth

Aptly dubbed “mother nature’s washcloth”, this is Kristin’s little gem.  Made from all-natural fibers, this cloth works much like a loofah and without any additional product (but can be used with soap if desired), so it definitely won’t leave behind a slick residue to interfere with a perfect tan.  The cloth is both bacteria-free and machine washable, so it’s got some life to it and should last about a year.  Another plus–there won’t be any product left in the bottom of your tub when you’re finished!

eight Dry Brush Body Treatment

Similar to the Shobha, this exfoliates without any product as well, but it’s also very different.  You actually “brush” your body with it and it loosens all of the dead skin, in addition to increasing circulation and stimulating the glands.  This is used prior to entering the shower or bath on dry skin with a dry brush–hence “dry brush”.  It’s incredibly effective and while the skin does become more pink than when it does with a salt scrub, it really just glows after it has settled down!  This is paired with an amazing skin-softening body moisturizer with 14 essential ingredients that’s perfect to use daily for optimal skin health, or to extend the life of your tan.  (If tanning immediately after dry brush treatment, wait until the next day to start applying moisturizer.)  Available in Ginger Lime or Lavender.

I hope you’ve been able to find a new exfoliation option among these products that suits your skin’s fancy.  Do you have any pre-sunless tan rituals or products that you find work best?

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  • Victoria

    For best results, you want to shave your legs and exfoliate before doing VersaSpa or any other sunless tanning. This removes dead skin cells and will allow the product to soak into your skin easier. Don’t forget to apply a Tan Extender on a regular basis (after each time you shower) to retain moisture and keep your skin tan longer.

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