Currently Loving: Bath & Body Works Summer Vanillas Collection

When it comes to fragrances, I’m typically not a very vanilla person, unless it’s a buttercream frosting kind of vanilla–all bets are off in that case!  I think Bath & Body Works has quite an interesting take on vanilla in their Summer Vanillas Collection, available now until August.  As a matter of fact, I just cannot get enough of Berry Vanilla and Lemon Vanilla!  Who knew?  I’ve listed some of the top, mid, and dry-down notes for each fragrance:

Berry Vanilla — wild summer blueberry, blackberry extract, Madagascar vanilla cream

Coconut Vanilla — pineapple sorbet, creamy coconut, exotic vanilla

Lemon Vanilla — sparkling citron, yellow jasmine, whipped vanilla

Apricot Vanilla — juicy California apricot, creamy peach, Tahitian vanilla

I’ve never experienced fragrances like these before, there’s something so crisp and juicy up against the vanilla in each one that just makes them absolutely delicious.  I usually don’t associate fruit with vanilla, but there’s something so right within these combos.  I’m not exaggerating–every time I wear the Berry Vanilla Fragrance Mist and Body Lotion, I receive several compliments.  It’s just that good!  If you’re a habitual vanilla wearer, these should rock your world.  Let’s say if you’re not usually in love with vanilla, if anything could change your mind about that–it would be the Summer Vanillas Collection!

Available in: Body Lotion ($12), Shower Gel ($10.50), Fragrance Mist ($12), Cooling Mist ($12) and Tasty Lip Gloss ($7)

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine my opinion of the product in this post.  Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding my policies for using editorial samples.
  • Rebecca

    I just bought Coconut Vanilla yesterday, in the cooling mist. I really wanted Berry Coconut, but all they had left was a tester. :( I didn’t see Apricot Vanilla though… is it a new addition?

    btw, I LOVE the cooling mist!! They were on sale for $6, so I got the coconut one, as well as Deep Aqua. Gotta love sales!

  • Amber

    Hey Rebecca!

    I’m so jealous over Deep Aqua! I spied it on their website this morning and I’ll have to go in and check it out. Apricot Vanilla was only released in select stores to my understanding :( It’s currently out of stock on their website too, I’m hoping they’ll release a little bit more! I didn’t try the Cooling Mist, what would you say makes it different than the regular fragrance spray?


  • Rebecca

    Oh, you have to go test it out! I love it!!

    The cooling mist comes out as a mist, like a bottle of air freshener, instead of a squirt like perfume does. For some reason, (not sure why), it really does cool your skin, so I’m going to be using it a lot this summer! And, most importantly, I think it lasts longer than a normal B&BW mist. I used it several hours ago on my forearms, and I still smell it. I hope they keep on making the cooling mists, because I’ll buy those instead of the other perfumes.

  • Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex

    I love the new Vanillas! Especially Lemon Vanilla. I bought the little travel sized body lotions for $1 each and may have to invest in the full sized ones :)

  • Jennifer B

    wow I need to see if I can track down this berry, sounds great!

  • Brianne

    I would love to try the coconut vanilla! I’m a huge fan of vanilla anyway, and the cooling mist sounds very interesting

  • amy

    The coconut vanilla sounds great. I am going to have to find that one the next time I am at the mall.

  • Bailey

    Ok, just got back from black Friday. We [me, my mom, and both of our best friends] went to bath and body works really early in the morning. They had a sale of buy three get three free. So me and my mom went in together. Since she has more perfume and more money than me she let me buy two and get two free while she bought one and got one free. I bought the mango mandarin, cucumber melon,and got the vanilla coconut fragrant mist and body wash free. Love them! I want to go back and get the rest of the vanilla coconut set. It was not to sweet with vanilla and with the perfect amount of coconut. I love waking up and being able to use it every day!!!