Review: Softlips PURE 100% Natural Collection

I already LOVE Softlips lip balms, but it’s difficult to keep them for myself because my husband loves them just as much.  I’m pretty confident that the new Softlips PURE 100% Natural lippies will remain mine though, especially since they contain slight tints.  YAY for mine!

Here’s the breakdown of new products:

Softlips PURE 100% Natural Lip Butter with SPF 15 (Vanilla Berry)
Softlips PURE 100% Natural Lip Gloss with SPF 15 (Coral Charm, Shell Pink, Natural Honesty)
Softlips PURE 100% Natural Lip Tint with SPF 15 (Coral Charm, Shell Pink, Natural Honesty)
Softlips  PURE 100% Natural Lip Polish

Swatches of Lip Tints and Lip Glosses:

It’s really going to depend on your personal preference if you’ll like the tints over the glosses.  The difference is really just that, and the tints do feel more like a balm, while the glosses feel very buttery.  Neither are sticky, they leave my lips smooth and hydrated and with just the right amount of sheer color.  It amazes me to say this, but Coral Charm is my favorite color!  I am not a coral person in the slightest, but this is very subtle and looks super neutral once it meets the pink of my lips.  The glosses are easy to apply with the standard slanted lip applicator:

I can’t forget the greatness of the Vanilla Berry Lip Butter, it’s basically a gloss without color with the same yummy flavor of the tints and glosses.  The flavor/scent isn’t overpowering in my opinion, it’s just enough to know it’s there.  The Lip Butter is definitely a staple in my handbag right now and when I’m not wearing a lippie, it’s definitely on my lips in it’s place to keep them moist and protected.  The Lip Polish is super interesting!  I actually like this little $5.99 wonder better than some of the more expensive lip scrubs I’ve tried.  It uses organic coconut flakes and sugar to exfoliate with beeswax, mango, and safflower seed oil to hydrate.  It feels like a dense lip balm with sugar in it, but when I lightly rub it on my lips–it takes the flaky dry ickies off and feels like a lip balm is left behind to condition.

All of the new Softlips PURE 100% Natural lip products are free from parabens, mineral oil, gluten, preservatives, and phthalates and retail from $3.99-$5.99.  I have spied them at my local Target location in the past week.  Are you already a Softlips fan or will you be seeking out any of the new products?  I’m not saying there will be an awesome Softlips giveaway coming up soon or anything, but there will be!  *heh heh*  Stay tuned!

An editorial sample was provided by the company and evaluated to determine my opinion of the product in this post.  Please see the Disclosures page for further information regarding my policies for using editorial samples.
  • amy dendy

    love colors and flavors cant wait to try

  • Felicia
  • Felicia


  • Felicia

    Sorry I posted my entries on the wrong page.
    While I’m here the colors look great and the Vanilla Berry is my favorite, can’t wait to try it.

  • Deya

    i love that it’s inexpensive b/c it’s hard to find good quality organic lip gloss. also, i have heard that parabens are toxic for the body so it’s a plus that it doesn’t have any of it.

  • Soha Molina
  • Linda White

    shell pink

  • S Carter

    My favorite is natural honesty. I loft soft lips!

  • lee5458

    Coral Charm for me?

  • Robin

    They are all pretty and great for summer ~ not too intense.

  • Annette E

    I like shell pink.

  • shel772

    I like the coral charm for summer

  • Helen

    I’m an email subscriber.

  • barb hobbs

    one of the colors are shell pink.