Currently Loving: Avon ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Frizz Control Lotus Shield

I’ve gotta be honest.  When I think of hair products, Avon usually isn’t the first brand that immediately comes to mind.  They’ve got some great ones in their Advance Techniques arsenal that I like, but I don’t freak out when they’re empty.  Their new product, Lotus Shield just might change that!

What’s Lotus Shield and what makes it so special to me?  It’s a new styling product that acts as water repellent, fighting off the moisture in the air that contributes to frizz for up to three shampoos.  I distributed a few drops of the milky serum into my damp hair over the weekend and it completely made me a believer!  As someone with fine hair, most silicone-based serums leave my hair flat–and I can feel a slick coating on my hair.  Lotus Shield was super lightweight and didn’t feel greasy or slick.  It just sat like a silent hair product partner in the background doing it’s job of reducing frizz, without interfering with the performance of my other products.  Often I feel like I have to sacrifice using other products in my styling routine when I use anti-frizz serums and I have to choose.  I’m still able to use volumizing products with Lotus Shield without them conflicting with each other.  With it’s delicate fragrance, budget-friendly price, and great performance–you should check this one out!

Also, check out this video on Avon’s You Tube channel, where you can see some of the pretty fabulous results on test participants who even sat  in a humidity chamber with Lotus Shield on only half of their hair.  You can get Avon Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield from your Avon representative, or on

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