Fall’s Hottest Nail Hue: Chanel Paradoxal 509

My nails are no stranger to greige nail polishes, and the chances are you’ve picked up one (or five in my case) along the way for your nail polish collection too.  And just when you think these murky, smoky shades have overstayed their welcome (and you’ve told yourself you won’t buy another), Chanel comes along like a drug pusher at a high school dance.  Instead of getting all ABC Afterschool Special and just saying no–Mom hustled her way on down to the Chanel boutique for me to pick up a bottle instead.  We love Moms like that, don’t we?  She’s such an enabler, but I digress–it’s all about the Paradoxal!

Paradoxal was such a bee-yotch to try to capture in photos, it’s this incredible dark violet/plum/mushroom/gray/brown masterpiece, with shimmer so subtle it can hardly be seen once you’re wearing it.  You know I have nooooooo problems with rocking this autumn nail color in July!

Without flash:

With flash:

Will you be rockin’ the dusty purple/gray hues this fall?

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  • http://www.bagladiesradio.com Lady Erin

    Me likey …on you. Would have to see it on.

  • http://iamwalkingthe3day.blogspot.com/ Katy M

    I’m loving this color! I thoght we had seen everything they could do with purple and now this! :)

  • Chris Taylor

    Had to share this with my niece.. She does love purple!

  • shauna

    Oooh, I really like it! Is it in stores now or did you get an advanced bottle to try?? I know they sometimes sell out fast!

  • Amber

    I’m so glad you gals are liking it so far! Shauna, this one came from the Chanel boutique here locally, but I’ve heard it’s in select retailers with Chanel counters too. I don’t know in Canada which of your stores carries the line, is it Holt Renfrew?


  • Rebecca Jahnke

    what a cool color!

  • shauna

    Yes….I’m not sure if other department stores carry Chanel makeup. I’ll have to check it out!