Not Just For Kids Anymore, These Mickey Band-Aids Are For Adults

I’ve been known to rock a Hello Kitty Band-Aid in my thirties, but I’m quite sure I wasn’t exactly the target demographic they had in mind!  However, these new Mickey Mouse Band-Aids are geared towards adults and tweens with their retro Disney designs.  I figure, why not?  These leather and Louis Vuitton bandages just aren’t my style, so I’ll just keep it real with Mickey and Hello Kitty.

Disney fans and kids at heart can pick these up at Target locations this month for about $2.75.  Are you a fan of novelty bandages, or do you prefer to be more discreet with your boo-boos and opt for plain ones instead?

  • G.

    OMG, I am wearing a Hello Kitty band aid on my finger right now! And these are super cute as well! In fact, the checker at my local grocery store told me that Urban Outfitters has bacon & egg band aids and all sorts of other themes, and now she’s obsessed with getting every theme possible. I can’t wait to tell her about these–she’s gonna flip! So thank you! 😀

  • Chris Taylor

    too cute

  • Katie

    love the new layout! It looks fantastic.

  • Leslie

    haha, cute! I’m wearing a hello kitty band aid too. Haha, I’m going to check out Urban Outfitter’s too. Who doesn’t love bacon & eggs?

  • diesel

    I love the new lay-out too!

    After seeing these band-aids, it makes me want to get injured now. Is that a bad thing?

  • Amber

    Hey Katie & D! I’m super happy you guys like the new layout, I’m stoked with the way it came out!

    G– Why does it not surprise me? You are my twin sister from another mother!

    Leslie– Wow! Another one of us rockin’ the Hello Kitty Band-Aids? Woot woot!

    Chris– Looks like Band-Aid needs to develop more with us in mind, huh?