Review: Advanced Home Actives Brazilian Peel

It seems like slapping “Brazilian” in front of the name of a beauty treatment instantly makes it the hot new thing, like– has anyone had a Brazilian Blowout yet?  And we all know what a Brazilian wax is!  This whole Brazilian thing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I mean have you ever tried Brazilian cuisine?  I’d love to visit an authentic churrascaria to enjoy delicious Portuguese barbecue any day of the week, and bring on the arroz carreteiro too!  Case in point, there were high hopes that this Brazilian Peel would rock.

This product isn’t for everyone, so let’s talk about who this will be great for:

The ideal candidate…

… has aging skin that is dull in texture and tone, and might even have some sun damage and acne scarring.

… isn’t happy with the strength of other over-the-counter peel products they’ve tried in the past because they just weren’t “strong enough” to deliver the results they wanted to see.

… doesn’t have overly sensitive skin!

Now with that out of the way, The Brazilian Peel is a 30% glycolic peel enriched with acai (that’s 5x stronger than most doctor-endorsed glycolic products) for deeper, longer, stronger, and fast-acting results!  It has been clinically proven by Advanced Home Actives that you’ll start seeing visibly brighter, smoother, softer, and more firm skin after just 1 use!

Here’s what I can speak to on that since I completed my first treatment last Thursday:

Quite possibly, the most difficult part of using this peel (for me) was figuring out how to make the applicator work!  I had a true dunce moment for a second because apparently I have issues with following directions.  After it was working–the plunger pushed out the contents of both tubes.  At that point, the product meets in the palm of your hand and immediately starts producing warmth as the peel is activated.

I applied the contents on my freshly cleansed, dry skin and was so surprised at the bite this peel had.  I LOVE a peel with major bite, call it some kind of sick torture I force myself to endure!  On a scale of 1-10, I would say this was about a 6.5 in terms of burn, but it was truly just a few seconds before it cooled down as this peel buffers itself with a built-in neutralizer.  After sitting for 10 minutes, I rinsed it off with cool water and then applied my nighttime moisturizer.  My skin was instantly brighter and felt smoother, but I think the evidence was clear the next morning when I woke up.  My face had the brightness and clarity that can only be achieved after a facial and I was very impressed.

When I purchased this from Sephora at the tune of $78, I was hesitant because it’s the equivalent of $19.50 a tube and I don’t know about you, but I can’t exactly use a 20 spot as a washcloth if you get my drift.  I’ve purchased peels that are just as expensive, if not more–but I received more than four uses out of them.  But then again, they weren’t as aggressive as this and trust me… you wouldn’t want to do this more than once a week!  The only side-effect I had was some very minor peeling on the top of my nose, and it’s evident that it just needed to come off anyway.  I’m already eager to follow up with week 2 this Thursday, I can only imagine the de-gunking that will be taking place!

If you’re suffering from lackluster skin that needs a boost and you crave the burn that a potent peel delivers, the Brazilian Peel is likely for you.  This will increase your skin’s sun sensitivity, so the use of sunscreen is a must as with the use of all AHAs.

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  • Sherry

    I love this product! My skin was clearer the next day after the first application. After four weeks of treatment I am going to purchase another month’s supply immediately.

  • Nuriya

    Where i can buy this Brazilian Peel in Malaysia? I living in Kota Kinabalu.

  • Amber

    I’m sorry Nuriya, I have no idea. I would try contacting the company directly to see if they can tell you of any local retailers.

  • cynthia

    Amber this sounds great! But I’ve been looking at a couple different peels. I have some acne damaged skin,just a little. My derm recommended a laser peel. But I’m a work a holic! I’d have to miss over a week and its major expensive. Would you recommend this for me to use? If not is there anything you do recommend?

  • Amber

    Hi Cynthia, Sounds like you’re ready for something with a little more muscle! Try a VI Peel! I’ve had it done 3 times, with minimal downtime. I think it’s less expensive than a laser peel with fantastic results, that no skincare product could ever give me! See my review of my first one here:

    My friend Romy of RomyRaves had two done, here’s her first review:

    Even if you only get one a year, you should see a noticeable difference. I can’t sing its praises enough, it has totally changed my skin.