Must Reads From Around The Blogosphere

I really can’t thank you all enough for your understanding and for the incredibly kind and generous comments and emails you’ve sent since I announced I’m suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome.  While I’m currently experiencing a little relief—yet I’m far from “all better”, I’ve still been checking out what’s going on around the blogosphere.  Thanks again for all of your great advice and get well wishes, they mean so much!  Check out some of the goodies I’ve been reading today:

• Nouveau Cheap spies what could be some very good news for anyone who has ever had a difficult time finding their perfect shades of bronzer, concealer, and foundation at the drugstore.  I think we all just let out a collective sigh of relief!  I hope it works!

• Beauty Addict breaks down the benefits of using Arcona’s Triad Pads, and shares a little cost-cutting tip too!  Warning: they aren’t just your average toner pads.

• Temptalia ponders something that I often ask: How Limited Edition is TOO Limited Edition? With Urban Decay’s first round of Book of Shadows Vol. III already sold out, this is a prime example of how far we’re willing to go to procure what makeup we find lust-worthy!

Paula from Older Girl Beauty just made me kick myself for not ordering this product from Mally Beauty the last time I watched Mally on QVC a few weeks ago.  The next time I see Poreless Face Defender, I will run to my computer instead of sitting on my sofa mesmerized by the before & after shots on TV.  My loss!

• Gouldylox tells us more than we ever wanted to know about her experience with the Garnier Blow Dry Perfector, but I really did want to know all that!

You’ve probably already read why I think the new Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows are must-haves, but check out Best Things in Beauty’s rants & raves on this long-wearing versatile shade range of eye colors as well.

What are YOU reading in beauty this week?

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