Experience total “extraction satisfaction” from this L.A. based skincare expert

Every skincare expert has their area of expertise.  I’ve received facials from some of the best in the field; some known for their peels or microdermabrasion, and others for the latest in high-tech specialty treatments.  In all honesty, I cannot say I’ve ever been laying on the table of someone so experienced in the art of extractions until I stopped in to see Rita Csizmadia at her Los Angeles-based Rita’s Institute for Beautiful Skin.  Hailing from Hungary, Csizmadia specializes in what I believe is truly an art in itself—perfectly thorough extractions without increased redness and swelling.   Her Eastern European technique is not only meticulous and precise, but virtually painless.

How many times have you spent good money for a facial in the hopes of degunking your complexion, only to have your esthetician apply some cleanser, exfoliate your skin, give your face few squeezes with tissue on her fingers and call it a day?  Rita’s impressive and extensive training allows her to apply both modern and old-world techniques to achieve total extraction satisfaction during a medical grade facial ($170) which didn’t leave my skin irritated or swollen.  Specializing in both acne and anti-aging  treatments, she was Dr. Murad’s (yes–that Murad) head facialist before opening her own medi-spa.  It’s easy to see why Hollywood A-listers and fellow Los Angelenos flock to her to keep their skin in top shape; Rita’s advanced skill level combined with her tranquil setting makes her a valuable asset in a town completely saturated with skincare experts.  Want an incredible medical-grade facial in Los Angeles with REAL extractions?  Book an appointment with Rita Csizmadia now, she’s a real pro.

Rita’s Institute For Beautiful Skin
1260 15th St. Suite 901
Santa Monica, CA 90404

  • Rebecca B.

    I need to come to L.A. and make an appointment! :)