Currently Loving: BlueMercury Exclusive TOCCA Kona Candle

We haven’t had a real vacation in our household for too long.  At least one that involves boarding a plane—and we don’t foresee one anytime in the near future!  And even though I’m not too keen with destinations that involve excess amounts of sun exposure, I have to say that I really do love Hawaii.  If we were to go I would definitely want to visit a part I haven’t already been, like Kona.  Black sand beaches, the combination of tropical flowers and coconut filling the air through an island breeze—sounds sooooo nice, doesn’t it?

And then I woke up.

We aren’t going to be experiencing any of that island beauty for quite a while, so it looks like this TOCCA Kona candle is my only hope! founder Marla Malcolm Beck created this exclusive Kona candle with Tocca.  Inspired by all of the beauty of the Hawaii’s Kona coast, Marla incorporated delicate island fragrances in this long lasting and delicious hibiscus and coconut candle.  At $36, it’s a little jar of heaven.

For a short time, receive BlueMercury’s 11th Anniversary gift with your $100 purchase—a limited edition selection of deluxe samples.

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