Review & Swatches: Lush Cosmetics “It Started With a Kiss” Lip Tint & “Double Choc” Lip Tint

One of the reasons I love the fall is because around this time each year, my grocery store puts out these cinnamon apple-scented brooms for sale in their floral department.  Even if I don’t need produce I run over there and take a whiff!  They smell SO incredible that I’m tempted to buy one each year, but I never do.  I don’t know why, other than I can’t think of anywhere to put it—apartment living seriously cramps my inner Martha Stewart.  Well, that and the fact I’m afraid our kitty cat Cocoa will try to bite it.  When I opened up one of Lush Cosmetics’ Lip Tints however, it was like striking gold!  Eureka!  We have cinnamon-apple scented goodness inside the It Started With a Kiss Lip Tint.

I guess you know where I’m going with this—my first impression of It Started With a Kiss was definitely favorable, it smells sinfully delicious and tastes a little cinnamon-y.  One of the things I really love about this is the ruby red tint it leaves on my lips—I find it to be a little bit more pigmented that what Benefit’s Benetint leaves behind for me.  I really want to emphasize the texture here on this, it doesn’t have a balm-like feel to it, the consistency when you place your finger on it—it’s a little dense.  Okay, a lot dense!  I had to rub my fingers over it several times to grab some of the product on my fingertips.  Due to that, I find myself putting clear balm on top of it which is also the case with Benetint since I find it a tad drying.  If you’re prepared for that and don’t mind, it may not be an issue to you.  The cinnamon leaf oil in here will definitely make your lips tingle a little bit, and probably even more so for those with sensitive skin.  Keeping that in mind, I do like the Popsicle stain look it leaves behind!  And the fragrance is pretty yummy too.

Similar to It Started With a Kiss, I also tried out the Lush Double Choc Lip Tint which imparts a pretty bronze sheen on the lips, yet it smells like chocolate which is hardly a bad thing!  This one definitely has a shimmer to it that the red tint lacks and looks like it could pass as a lustre lipstick once it’s on.  The consistency of the product is also similar, it will require some friction to grab it on your fingertips.  One of the things I noticed texture-wise with this one however was that at first it has a tiny bit of a gritty feel to it.  It went away after I wore it for a few minutes, and I’ll assume it was from the mica and bronze powder in the ingredients.  I think the key with these is definitely body heat to make them wear a little better.  I find that since everything at Lush is handmade with fresh organic ingredients, they don’t apply a lot of waxes or fillers to their products which makes them much more concentrated and they definitely last longer.  These lip tints are no exception!  Both of these products are actually vegan-friendly, so you won’t find anything animal-derived in them like beeswax—which would definitely give these tints a little more cushion on the lip.  But we’ll forgive them for that because these are pretty and do stay on well.  (Side note: not all of their products are vegan, but they are all vegetarian.)

If you like lip tints or lip stains, or just prefer more pure ingredients in your products—these are a good choice!  If you like the effect these leave behind but need more moisture, you’ll have to add a little clear lip balm on top of them.  In that case, you should try their Lip Service Balm.

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  • Zophia

    I love how the double choc tint looks on your lips!
    I never would have given it a second glance, but now I’m more curious about it. Thanks for the review! =)