Review & Swatches: LORAC Tie Dye For Lip Gloss Collection

I was trying to wait at least a week longer before I started featuring all of the incredible holiday collections that are coming across my desk—but I just caved because this one is too incredible not to share early.  The limited edition LORAC Tie Dye For Lip Gloss Collection is just totally to die for!  Five gorgeous and sassy full-size lippies that break down to only $5 each?  Yes please!

Read on!

  • Flaming Mix (red)
  • Shocking Twist (fuchsia)
  • Social Mixer (pale pink)
  • Berry Blender (purple)
  • In The Mix (nude)

If the initial sight of a tie dye lip gloss didn’t lure you in, maybe you’ll be interested when I tell you that it’s not just a novelty?  These lippies perform as high-shine, shimmery glosses with plenty of pigment that leave a nice cushion on the lips—similar to a liquid lipstick.  I find them super emollient… must be the grape seed oil and protective antioxidants that make my kisser feel so pillowy!

There’s a small amount of what I think is vanilla fragrance right out of the tube, but once applied—I don’t really detect flavor or scent.  The applicator is a nice short brush on the end of the wand which allows me to tie dye my lips to my heart’s content.  As you remove the wand from the tube, it picks up a blend of all of the colors inside—but that shade leans closer to the darkest shade you see in each tube, so at least you have an idea of where it’s going!

Usually with any collection, I find a few shades in a set that aren’t really great picks for myself, and one or two that are perfect.  That really wasn’t the case for Tie Dye For!  I thought all of them looked great on my lips with my skin tone, and I can’t imagine that anyone couldn’t find at least one—if not two or three in this set that they love wearing.  In that case, it’s PERFECT for gift giving!  There really isn’t that much guesswork with this one since the colors seem so agreeable and forgiving.  For $25, it’s a total score!  These babies are full sizes, so no skimpy miniature lip glosses here.  You’ll find this holiday 2010 set at Sephora,, and

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