Sneak Peek: Hello Kitty Collection for Sephora Liquid Nail Art Swatches

I’m always very excited to see my UPS guy, but today I was SUPER-extra excited, because I knew the order I placed last weekend during the Hello Kitty Beauty for Sephora preview/private sale would be arriving.  Just to recap—the line won’t be available for purchase in Sephora stores or on until next month, but they offered a very limited selection of the Hello Kitty products during a 48 hour private sale for Beauty Insiders.  To be honest, I have not received any samples, images, or further information on the collection to share just yet, but I’m hoping I will soon!  The nail polishes I’m showing you right now were the only products I was able to scoop up during the pre-sale, and these were not press samples.  I feel fortunate that I was even able to snag these.  The first time I tried, all of the polishes (along with just about everything else) were sold out!  They must have reserved product for the second day, because when I checked again on Sunday morning, these were available—but they didn’t last for long.  As an afterthought, I went back to grab something else just minutes later…and the polishes were out of stock again!

So without further ado…here are three of the Hello Kitty Beauty for Sephora Liquid Nail Art nail polishes:

I know, the bottle is just too cute!  Of the eight shades in the collection, I was able to scoop up three; Minty, Banana Cream, and Blueberry.  Even though the bottles are shaped like her cute little head, it seems like they hold about an average amount of polish—these aren’t minis.  I can’t tell you the exact amount, because unfortunately I cannot read a single thing on the bottom of the bottle other than the shade name.  It looks like the ingredients and weight are printed on the other side of that tiny sticker, but I’d need a microscope to read it!  The brush itself is a decent size, and I have no problems applying the polish with it—but due to the shape of the bottle being kind of stubby, the brush is on the shorter side.

More photos and swatches:

In terms of actual product performance, I can’t offer any opinions yet on that front as they’ve only been in my possession for about two hours.  They seem to apply pretty easily, I like the flow of the polish and I think they level out nicely.  Since these are creams, you might get scared after seeing one coat and think it’s going to be problematic.  By coat two—it looks much better, but in these swatches I used a very thin third coat just to make sure I didn’t miss any spots and for complete opacity.

It goes without saying, I am in LOVE here.  Hello Kitty and I are about to hit the same age, and just when I think I’ve outgrown her…I realize I’m wrong!  Banana Cream is the ultimate banana yellow shade I’ve often looked for, but just can’t ever seem to find the “right” one.  Blueberry looks so much prettier and vibrant in-person (a sassy periwinkle), and even though Minty is a somewhat common mint shade that can probably be duped a dozen times, I still appreciate it as part of this color story.  The Hello Kitty Beauty for Sephora Liquid Nail Art polishes will retail for $10 each and will be available in January 2011, along with an entire collection of Hello Kitty cosmetic items and accessories.

So, what do you think…want to pick anything up yet?